Monday, December 8, 2014

One day more

Put every emotion imaginable into one week... and that was this week. One last email and I´m not really sure what to say... so I´m just going to tell about the week... It was an incredible week of ´last lessons.´

-"R"  we have been teaching for the whole time I´ve been in Alcalá... and she is still very very Catholic... so we read this talk about the ´blueprint of Christ´s church´and we made a whole object lesson out of it to show how our church really is the church that Christ established... on Tuesday we met with "R" and had a super great, super powerful lesson, during that lesson I just felt at peace, that we had taught everything we needed to teach- that it is still up to her to choose, but the message is out there. 

-"M"!  So I definitely pulled the ´I´m leaving´ card and we got to see her again. She has always told us that her husband doesn´t want to meet with us, but when we went we asked if we could meet her husband... he came out and was the nicest man ever!!!  After her husband came out and showed interest in the message "M" got so excited!! They both came to church and they are going to be a family strong in the church-I just know it!

-We´ve met with "J" a few times this week... he really is a great guy with such potential. We had a few lessons that were super powerful. super profound.

-So we are teaching a wife of a member, "U", she doesn´t really believe in God- but she likes hearing about the church... So she had a baby this last week.. We stopped by this weekend to visit and see the baby. Soooo precious. We bore testimony of eternal families... and the spirit was palpable. There is no way you can look at a newborn baby and not feel how important families are and how important God is in the families. We´ve been waiting for the baby to be born... now we´re going to hit hard the Plan of Salvation :) Woohoo.

Well a few funny stories I suppose...
-We got on a bus to go to a lesson... and saw a member- so we went and sat by him and started talking. After a good bit of conversation he asked us where we were going. haha  He started laughing at us and told us that we were going in the wrong direction...haha  Well that is awkward.

-We went to eat with an investigator... and she had made me a sister missionary doll.  It had so many details that it really looked like me... I love creativity!!!

Well this is my last email.  I´m freaking out... haha... but I´m so grateful for the mission. I have learned, grown, and loved more than I could´ve imagined. The Lord has helped me change my heart and become more like him, and I wouldn´t trade this experience I´ve had for anything in the world. I know that the Lord has a plan for every one of us... and it is perfect. The more we rely on his timing, the happier we will be. He truly does love each and everyone of us and is ´pendiente´(... ummm mindful?) of us all. I´ve never realized how much until I´ve come here and seen it every day for the last year and a half! He works miracles.

Hey guess what... I will see you all soon!!

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