Monday, June 30, 2014

Birthday celebrations!!

Well well well what a week...
So my new companion is Hermana Galvez! She is from Canada and speaks both English and Spanish... haha... so that is just perfect!Her birthday actually turned out to be the day she entered the field... so this is how new missionaries enter the field: they spend the day in the mission home and then in the afternoon all the missionaries meet in the chapel to be put with their companions.. Hna Jackson makes this cool slideshow and President individually matches us with our new comps. Well I was matched with Hna Galvez and found out it was her birthday and we definitely all broke into a resounding round of Cumpleaños Feliz!!  Talk about starting out a mission with a bang... we definitely ate cake, I definitely sang to her about 50 times and the next day we definitely had a party with the other hermanas... we will take any excuse to celebrate! :)

We were able to meet with "M" for the first time in a long time and she has made a complete 180 turn in her life. She always struggled with reading the Book of Mormon, and we would always encourage her to read. So for like the past month she has been working nonstop... but we´ve kept texting her encouragement to read. So we met with her this week and she basically bore her testimony about the power of the Book of Mormon! She is now in Mosiah, and she told us that when she started having a desire to read the Book of Mormon she can literally see the hand of the Lord in her life. She is happier and relies on the Lord more, all because she has found joy in reading the Book of Mormon!!!  Oh it was sooo incredible!!!! I absolutely loved it so much!!! I firmly believe that is the best feeling in the world... see that someone has found happiness in their lives through Jesus Christ!! :)

We were contacting and there was a man who told us that he wanted to convert us to his religion so he could marry us both... haha.. and my cute companion went along with it for a while in the attempt to convert live and you learn.

Well we´re all well and happy!! Keep on keeping on!!
Oh also we went to El Escorial today and it was like a pride and prejudice castle!! SOOO PRETTY!!!
Well until next week
Hna Fowers!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dancing in the rain :)

So the week of transfer calls is always a little bit of a guessing game. You never really know what is going to happen, but anyone and everyone´s opinion is expressed. Our guesses were a little bit skewed by what happened on Tuesday. (sidenote Hna Manner only has a transfer and a half left and we were convinced either that we were staying together or I was leaving). So Tuesday we get a call from the senior couple in charge of the apartments of the mission. They said that they were renewing the piso contract and they needed me to sign it. I was going on intercambios so I asked if Hna Manner could sign it.. They told me it had to be me. And because we are missionaries and have no other form of entertainment- we analyze... and as I signed the 50 pages of the piso´s new contract I was fairly sure I was staying in B6. And sure enough, here I am still here. Training. say what?!! I´m so excited, super nervous, but super excited!! I get my new companion tomorrow and well i´ll just be hanging with the other hermanas until then!
We got caught in a rain storm this week!! :) it was super cool, we had fhe at the church and as we left we saw the super white temple in contrast to the dark rainclouds that covered the whole sky. It looked so legit!! and to add on to that there was lightning that surrounded the temple. Ohh it was so cool and I tried so hard to get a picture of it, but I couldn´t get it. so just imagine lightning in these pictures! So anyway we were walking home to our piso for the night and it just starts downpouring. Because we were just heading to our piso and it didn´t matter if we were wet, we definitely took advantage of the situation and danced in the rain! Sooo fun!! loved it.. and got back to the piso soaked. :)

Well even though not much happened, we saw the hand of the Lord a lot in our lives. A lot of my prayers were answered this week and it is amazing to see the way the Lord answers our prayers. It never is the way I expect it to be... but that makes it all the more beautiful. I love being a missionary and to have the opportunity to rely on the Lord in a way I never have had to before in my life. I truly have come to realize how much we need to rely on Him, to accept his answers how and when they come, and to keep on going with a smile knowing that everything will work out when we trust in our Heavenly Father. 

Well wish me luck this week. I have a feeling I´m going to need it! :)
Hna Fowers

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sweet 16!....I mean 15?

Okey dokey.. well to start off I have news from Las Palmas!! :):):)
-So "Y" got engaged!!! and when she is married she can get baptized!! :) Wooohooo.  Also her daughter got baptized last weekend!! :) Woohoo...the work is progressing there!! I´m so happy for them, they were a family ready to hear the truth.

So we went to a quincallera (no idea how to spell that... the big party they throw for 15 year olds). So basically this was like a wedding reception for a 15 year old. There was good food and a huge cake too!  As part of the ceremony they ´change´ her shoes from flats to high heels to represent her change from childhood to womanhood. 
This Friday was Friday the 13th... hope you all realized that, haha because we sure did- there was something in the air or something because NO ONE wanted to listen to us. So it was a pretty hot day but there was like a 5 minute downpour of rain.  It was so hot that right after it stopped raining it started evaporating off the hot ground. So we were walking around in mist for a while. Very spooky.. very Friday the 13th-ish... :)

My comp played piano for the primary yesterday, so we got to be in Primary!! Man I´ve forgotten how much I miss that!! Kids are sooooo cute!! Also,,, head, shoulders, knees and toes is completely different! ´Head, face, shoulders, toes... and then instead of the eyes ears mouth and noes they just turn around... I was so confused the first time we sung it!! haha

We ran into a lot of tourists trying to find their way to the temple this week! We were able to show them the temple and then give them a little tour! We were in the right place at the right time! :)

We got to go to the mission home for a meeting this week.  The meeting was really good!  We definitely left spiritually uplifted!! :)

Ok well that´s all folks.
Love you lots,
Hna Fowers

Monday, June 9, 2014

Oh the people we meet...

Good week. good week!

-We met this awesome new family.  They are from Peru and have met with missionaries over there, but never really went to church or got baptized but they are really interested!! We talked about how the gospel is a huge blessing for the family and how we receive additional guidance from the Book of Mormon and the prophet! They loved it! The little girl was the first one to ask when we could meet again. Precious!

-“E” got work off on Sundays! So we go over there and the first thing she says is ´you´ll never guess what´... sometimes I don´t know if that is a good starting sentence or a bad one.. .but in this case it was good!! She said that her prayers have been answered and she can come to church! Super cute.

-“D” - She is new and she understands the gospel sooo well. They met with her the first time while we were on intercambios last week, and Hna Manner said that it was incredible how well she understood the Restoration and her part in her conversion. So I was so excited to meet her. We taught the Plan of Salvation... and she understood it perfectly. Some people don´t really understand but they can feel that it is true and that is awesome, but she knows it is true and understands all the implications. ´So if you have to be completely clean to live in the Celestial Kingdom, that means I have to be baptized and baptized in your church.´ I don´t think we responded for a few seconds because we were just so surprised that she understood that with out us telling her. ´Yes... yes that is what that means´  We then proceeded to confirm her fecha!  (baptismal date)

-“J”... she is menos activa and we found her this week. Her story is cool. So she was baptized about 15 years ago in Peru, but was less active when she moved here 9 years ago.  Just this last Wednesday she was invited to go to a different church. So she went and the closing hymn was the hymn that they played at her baptism... all the memories of her conversion and baptism came flooding to her mind. Then her friend... who is a member called and invited her to a ward activity on Saturday. She came, we met her there, got her information, she came to church on Sunday and we went over and visited her last night! The Lord was really preparing her to return, and she needs it a lot right now in her life. It really is humbling to see the hand of the Lord in the lives of so many people here. 

During medio dia I usually practice cooking Spanish-Latin American food so I´m a pro by the end of my mission... I tried making Spanish tortilla this week. haha which includes a pretty intense flip. Well it failed miserably and I ended up cleaning it up more than I ate... but have no fear... I´ll get it down!  One of the best friendships we´ve made was with the recent convert from Mexico... :) We´ve gotten quite a bit of delicious Mexican food! :)  Loving life

I had intercambios with Hna Smith this week.. so that was fun to be with her again!!

We have a big meeting in the mission home tomorrow...!! :)  We get to go and learn and eat yummy food... and then we teach zone meeting on Wednesday.. which I´m freaking out about. haha   Public speaking in front of a whole zone, and in Spanish.  I´m wondering why anything was hard at home... it was all in English. haha

Well I´m just loving life!! :) Hope you all are as well!! :)  

Sending my love from Spain...

Hna Fowers!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Segovia!!! :)

I´m in Segovia right now!!!! woohooo. Land of the palaces and cathedrals! Super pretty... but this is going to be quick! :)

I got saran wrapped for FHE.... all for the sake of an object lesson. haha  It was pretty great though... so I had to jump and try to get the chocolate that was hanging above my head... well i´m not coordinated anyway-and when you take into account the fact that I was all wrapped up. haha  Well it didn´t end very well.. ha

We started teaching "S"... he is the one we met last week on the street that didn´t want to take the Book of Mormon. I have firmly decided that Lesson 1 is my favorite lesson. There is just so much hope leaving a lesson knowing that someone now knows that the church has been restored! :) He told us that when we saw him on the street he didn´t really want to listen to us.. but the ´light in us´ made him stop and listen and that is what brought him to the church to hear more. He really liked the lesson and really has a desire to learn more. It is incredible bringing this message to those who don't have it.

Well this week we had zone conference and we watched a Mormon message that was incredible!  Gracias a él... in English I think it is "Because of him."  If you haven´t seen it go watch it now.  It will change your life.

Well that´s about it. Love you lots.