Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wait, we don´t get to call on Fathers day?

Since you have seen me last.... I have taught 6 lessons (in Spanish), proselyted in the park (in Spanish), eaten a variety of seafood assortments, and have had a nice big helping of humble pie.

So when I left Lagoon a few weeks ago I thought I was saying goodbye to roller coasters for a year and a half. haha  Turns out the MTC (or the CCM  (pronounced ´the the eme´)  is the biggest roller coaster of all... a lot of really spiritual highs, a lot of really discouraging lows.  I have already come to see the hand of the Lord in my life already, and for that I am sooooo grateful! This has been a very humbling experience already and my prayers have become WAY more sincere, and my relationship with my Savior has become more strong. I have even found myself enjoying playing sports (what is happening to me?!?!?!?!) haha

I´ve got a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it in.... so i´m resorting to bullet points... just kidding I can´t figure out how to do bullet points...

1. FOOD- OK the food here is sooo good!!!  Like I´m in love with it!!! haha  They have a lot of fish, a lot of fruit, and a lot of potatoes? (I´m still trying to figure out if that is actually Spanish, or if that is just an accommodation for all the Americans.  We seriously have some variety of potato with every meal). The fruit here is so fresh and I have eaten probably more oranges here than I have in my entire life! Yummmyyyy!!!  And to my great surprise... I like the fish! haha... say what!?!?! phew... However... the squid on rice was a little much.  Especially after I found out the sauce was squid ink.  Food should just never be purple... end of story!

So swear it never gets dark here.... it´s still light when we go to bed... and ít´s light when we wake up. Crazy!

2. Park-  Every Saturday the missionaries get on the metro and ride to ´the park´. haha  I´m not sure where exactly it is... 15 minutes ride from the MTC and it's kind of like the Central Park of Madrid.,, so cute.  So when we were there we were supposed to preach the gospel... haha and I don´t think I've been more terrified for anything in my entire life!!!! I DON´T SPEAK SPANISH!!!!! haha. But it really was sooooo fun and I loved it so much. It was such a testimony builder to me that the Lord is looking out for us--all of us. He has prepared people to hear the gospel, and he has prepared me (is preparing me) to teach the gospel in a way that people need to hear. I learned that I really just love talking to people. It really was such a happy thing- we were all smiles, and that is what people noticed the most.  They kept saying you look happy!!!!!´ So I'm just glad we didn't look terrified. Even with our LIMITED Spanish we were able to have a lot of heart felt conversations, get a few referrals, and place a Book of Mormon. Our teacher told us to forget our Spanish and follow the spirit. I know that it is the spirit that touches people, I know that even though people couldn't understand me, they understood how they felt and that is the beauty of this gospel-- the hope and light and happiness we can feel when we open ourselves to it.  At the end of the park we all gathered together as missionaries and sung hymns. I love singing. but the teachers told my companion and I to go and talk to the people that came to hear the music. So as people would gather... We would go give them a pass along card and tell them briefly who we are and how great this church is. I´m still not sure why she chose us...

I just have tooo much to say!!!!! soooooo... one thing I've really focused on these few weeks is charity.  In Preach my Gospel it talks about how when you have charity you have a true desire to share the gospel with people...even if I had all the skills in the world, if I didn't have charity it ´would profit me nothing´. So basically I have really took this to heart and realized that if i pray with all my heart to have charity- then the Lord will bless me with the ability to show his love for his children and I can answer questions and teach as he would teach.  I truly have come to love the ´investigators´ I am teaching and have a desire to teach them... and not just teach them lessons. As I've focused on that love- the spirit has come and made up the difference where I lack the ability.

ummmm.... WE ARE NOW THE LORD'S MISSIONARIES.  We sang that song.  I love it.  They had the girls sing the verse that says: ´´ we hear the words our prophet declares, let each who´s worthy go forth and share´ soooo perfect!!!!!  There are so many people here that wouldn't be here if the age hadn't changed.  We are ´bonus missionaries´as the president says.

Also one more thing... on Sunday President Monson is addressing the new mission presidents-missionaries in a world wide church address.  You can access it I think... I would try to, the President basically told us that it is historic and it would be amazing. ´I don´t know what you did in the preexistence to deserve to be missionaries at this time... but it must have been something incredible.´

I love it here... I really do.  It is hard,  harder than I thought it would be, but I am so happy and I love you

We´re going to the center of Madrid today!!! wooohooooo  party party!!!
I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!!!!

Hermana Fowers!

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