Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Well ... I'm in Madrid!

Well... I´m in Madrid! Wearing my name badge... and doing well. :) haha  I feel like it has been at least a week since I left.... and I´ve been wearing the same outfit the entire time... gross.  Well on my flight to Atlanta I was sitting next to two 11 year olds- it was so fun! The girl asked me: ¨So a missionary is someone that goes somewhere to do good, right?¨ haha   Why yes little girl, let me show you my Book of Mormon coloring book... (I can´t figure out smiley faces on this keyboard... just imagine them periodically). Then on the flight to Madrid I didn´t sleep NEARLY as much as I should have haha and I sure am feeling that now but just you listen to this!!!! So as we were flew over Madrid for the first time and I got my first view I freaked out!!!!! IT IS GORGEOUS!!! I mean like green rolling hills... tons of olive tree orchards that make up patterns... and the buildings!  They have red roofs and are all the orange-coral-brownish color!  I wasn´t quite sure what to expect when I got here, but this is better than I could´ve imagined!!!!  The MTC president met us at the airport and took us to the MTC.... so basically you are driving down this amazing European street- the buildings are all like 8-9 stories tall (all orangy) and the laundry is hanging out to dry next to all the pots of flowers! (So cute)  Then you turn the corner and suddenly out of no where this big, beautiful, BREATHTAKING pure white temple appears. Seriously took my breath away. It is beautiful, even the ground the temple stands on is white. hmmmmmmm (insert smiley). 
Well if there was any doubt.... I definitely can´t understand Spanish. haha  but if there has been one thing I have learned from today is that it´s not about me at all.... Once we got to the MTC we got straight to work... we´re just fighting through our jetlag and our frustration of not understanding everything.  But there is a feeling of peace that comes from being set apart as a missionary.  I can´t explain it, but I feel at peace.  I know that tomorrow  (When I actually get to change out of these clothes and can think again(smiley)  I just need to study and work and give it my all. The Lord will make up the rest.  I know that. It´s all about his children. Heavenly Father wants them back... and that´s why I´m here. The Lord is hastening his work for a reason... I am here for a reason. I may not be able to tell you why right now...but the Lord has a plan. He always does!!
I love you I love you I love you!!!!
Picture 1 . . .  The Siblings

Picture 2 . . .  All ready to go

 Picture 3 - The white shirt luggage service
Picture 4 -  We LOVE Hermana Fowers
Picture 5 - This picture was sent by a Mom who was able to go to the gate and see off the missionaries all headed to the Madrid MTC from Salt Lake City!  Thanks so much to Sister Woodbury!!!  What a pleasant surprise! 

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  1. What a great letter! She has an engaging writing style, along with her mother's penchant for elipses (...). This girl has perspective and purpose beyond her years. Can't wait for more!