Monday, October 14, 2013


Well I am currently on island. This morning I could see my breath in Madrid... and now... well you know how island temperature is ;)

This week was legit... let me see if I can compose my thoughts... hmmmm   
CESAR WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!! That was such a miracle!!! He has been investigating since May... I've been teaching him ever since I got there. He had soooo many questions and sometimes it was a struggle to help him realize the importance of feeling the spirit rather than knowing EVERYTHING! ...but he really has changed and it is incredible to see how his life is now. :) Ahh he is a member of this church!!!!! Woohoooo!!!!

Okokok wellll... he really was like a man of many outfits that day.  He arrived in what we thought he brought to be baptized in... but they were beige pants and his white shirt had colored embroidery on it... haha and we didn't have anything his size.  So we were stressing out, turns out he just thinks he is super funny and had an all white outfit in his bag all along... haha typical.  That basically describes our relationship with him, so then he got all dressed in white and it was a beautiful sight!!!!!!! HEY CESAR GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!

So the baptism was awesome... and so we're waiting in the chapel for him to come out and he emerges in a full blown suit!!!!! haha  Where did that come from!?!  He looked sooo nice and clean and when he got up and bore his testimony he looked like a General Authority!! :) It was the best feeling in the world to hear him bear his testimony and bring the spirit into the room!! I got a shout out in his testimony.  I'm pretty proud of that.

Then after the ward had an activity for the 12 of October!!!  So here it is a holiday to celebrate all the different countries- so all the different countries from the ward represented by bringing food and doing a dance-song/dance from their country... it was quite the party!!! :)  Cesar went home and came back in a complete Peruvian outfit... haha outfit number 4 for the day! :)  We brought rice krispies to represent the USA... haha...hey it was easy! This party was sooo legit. 

I was just relishing in all the food and music and celebration... and then we got a call from the District Leader telling me that I'm GOING TO LAS PALMAS!!! Soooooo it took me a second to realize that that is on the Canary Islands...(70 miles off the northwest coast of Africa) so in my mind I'm freaking out 'WAIT I'M GOING TO THE ISLANDS?' and then Hermana Zitting starts freaking out 'THAT IS MY AREA!!!!'  (where she had served before becoming Megan's trainer) haha and it was like a complete hour of freaking out. :):):):):):):):) Woooohoooo

So I could only take one suitcase... so I spent a lot of time packing- weighing, realizing it was way overweight... then unpacking, repacking, weighing etc...quite the experience!!!  Hna Zitting, Hna Christian and I just were living up our last moments together!  Love them!!!  Well then this morning I got on an airplane and flew to the Canary Islands!!! :)  The Buhlers (the Senior Couple she has heard so much about) picked us up... gave us chocolate chip cookies and homemade enchiladas.... and I am on as island!!

Well I am sooo excited to get to know all these people that I have heard so much about from Hna Zitting!!!  This is going to be such a great experience and I couldn't be more excited!!!!


Muah, Hugs and Kisses

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