Monday, November 24, 2014

"Aggresive, faithful, harmless, and yet cute"

This was a week of very interesting lessons...
- Let us start with "T" and "S". They are from India and are Muslims. We met "T" on the streets with his little 2 yr old son...we started talking about eternal families and he invited us over to eat (Indian food... woohoo) and talk. Sweet. So we go over and eat some very very delicious food. and start talking about the gospel. Come to find out they are Muslim. Very Muslim but they belong to a branch of the Muslim church that actually has some ideas and beliefs that are similar to ours.. just with one key factor missing: they don´t believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior. It was a great experience to testify of Christ and everything he has done for us. We ended with a prayer...before we prayed they both ran out of the room to grab something. We were kind of confused what was going on... they came back into the room with full out veils and hats- apparently that is how they show respect while they pray.  It was a super cool experience.

-Then "C".. this is our investigator with the blue hair who is very unique, but interested- so it makes for great lessons. At one point in the lesson she was trying to explain how strange-inspiring we were... and she couldn´t quite get it into one word... so she used four ´you are so .... aggressive, faithful, harmless,,, yet cute...¨ haha.. I mean how do you really respond to that?!

-"I" and her chicken... I never really thought you could have a relationship with a chicken, but she certainly does. One time when we went over this week her mom was over with her pet dog. haha  Who do you think was ruling the house: the dog or the chicken?  I would´ve thought the dog but turns out that chickens can peck really hard haha so the dog was hiding under the table the whole time.

-We were talking to this man, "J", on the streets and were explaining about the church and the Book of Mormon. At one point I handed him the Book of Mormon and said ´Here, Happy Birthday´... you know just something normal I say. haha  He gave me the weirdest look and asked me how I knew it was his birthday. haha   I thought he was kidding, turns out he wasn´t. The spirit works in mysterious ways :)

Well so remember "M" and how awesome she is... well last week she kind of dropped off the face of the earth. At one point we were stopping by her house, and she wasn´t there. . . so we went down this random alley to a bench to call some people. Not 5 minutes later we saw "M" walking down this random alley to her house.  Can you say miracle!!!  So we stop her and ask her what happened. so she is now working basically all day everyday and doesn´t have much time.. so that´s a bummer. but a miracle that we saw her!

Well HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Good news on my part... there was a senior missionary couple that just moved to Alcalá... so we got invited over!!! I´M SOOO EXCITED !!!
Well I´m grateful for all of you!!! and for the gospel and for the opportunity to serve a mission!
Lots of love,
Hna Fowers

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