Monday, November 17, 2014

Best Sacrament Meeting of the year

Want to know what the best sacrament meeting of the year is?!  The primary program... :) It was so perfect... I was tearing up, and I don´t cry very easily. The theme was "Families can be Together Forever" and kids are just so darn cute. One of my favorite songs they sang was ´Armies of Helaman´ for the chorus they turned to the audience and had us sing too  ´We will be the Lord´s missionaries´... It was killing me.  Loved it so much.

We had quite a few rainy mornings this week and we made a new tactic (because when there is rain... people don´t really like to stop and talk ...) so we made a few big batches of cookies and have made a new focus on working with members. It was really cool to see the different ways the spirit works on the different members to help us with the missionary work. I´ve thought a lot about how different missionaries have different approaches and strengths with the work... and this week we saw that in the members as well.  Some members were all excited about starting an FHE in their home where we could invite investigators, menos activos and such... other members would go through the ward list-giving us members that we could stop by, some that maybe needed a little extra help, or would have some friends, some members gave us the number of their friends, and some helped us out of the cold and gave us some hot chocolate.  I really like this ward... it was really cool to be more part of the ward and see them work in their own ways according to their own strengths.

Anyway... we were really guided by the Lord this week... haha  I feel like you have to be when it is always raining and there is no one really on the streets. haha but I can just tell that God loves his children, just to see the way he works miracles to make sure everyone is taken care of and gets their needs met. It is the greatest to be on both sides of it... God is always answering my prayers, and He lets me be part of answering the prayers of others.
One really cool thing this week: we were meeting with a member that is starting to come back to church... we were teaching the Plan of Salvation and it was really sweet to see her true intention to come back. We started talking a lot about the temple... she got really quiet-really thoughtful and then said ´I miss going to the temple... I want to go back, and I don´t want to go alone- I want to be sealed with my husband´  Her husband isn´t currently a member... so we are working on that but the spirit is so strong in that house. Incredible. True intent at its finest.

Well... one of our investigators has a pet chicken. Like a full fledged, full grown chicken... inside her house. haha  Say what? During the lesson she picked him up, set him on her lap and just started stroking it. I may have thought it was maybe somewhat normal if it didn´t keep trying to peck at me. haha

We went over to an FHE and they were making these cool corn tamales (they weren´t tamales... but I don´t remember what they are called)... so I definitely learned how to make them... and they are super good!

Haha we got dropped by an investigator this week.... haha He invited me to come to his house-without my companion... after explaining that we are missionaries and that I never go anywhere without my comp, he didn´t want much to do with the message. haha dang. The elders keep making fun of us for that one. 
Well that´s basically all :) Cuídense mucho
Hna Fowers

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