Monday, January 20, 2014

Area 70 in our lessons.... member present on steroids!

So we had a General Authority in two of our lessons this week. Talk about powerful!

So the Area 70, Elder RdM, came to the Canary Island and gave a devotional on Friday. On Saturday morning he met with the missionaries from the Las Palmas ward and then made some visits with us to some of our investigators. :) (insert a million smiley faces)  We spent most of the time with "Y"... we drove to her house, sat down and Elder RdM asks her if she has any questions. He listens to her, opens his scriptures and starts answering her questions.  Ummmm...I don´t think words can describe how I felt during that half hour period of time. I could feel God speaking directly to her. I know that this man is called of God.  As she was asking her questions I was expecting him to answer in some fancy complicated way... but what surprised me the most was how simple it was. He testified about the Restoration, about the Book of Mormon, about the power of prayer. He said nothing that we wouldn´t teach in lesson one.  But oh boy, did he have the spirit with him!  When he spoke you knew that God was speaking.  You could feel his conviction, his power, and his love. I learned so much about teaching and truly loving what you are teaching!

So that was quite an incredible experience!!! I know that "Y" felt something, all she has to do is pray!  Elder RdM also met with "A"... same experience, he is just a power house!! But it was just eye opening that Lesson 1... the lesson that we teach all of our new investigators... is the same lesson a General Authority would choose in his limited time. It is because there is power in our message. We are representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and we have the same power and authority to teach... to convey our love, dedication, and testimony.  When we met with him before we asked him what he wished he would have known at our age... this was his response, ¨talk to people the way the Lord Jesus Christ would if He were here¨ :)   Alright, will do!!!

Well, hey guess what!! "F" got his answer!!! He knows the church is true!! Wooohoo!! So that was a great feeling!! The only thing is that he still has to stop smoking... we´ve been working with that, now he just has to stop completely. I tried to make him pinkie promise that he would stop... but he thought I was a little ridiculous but I really was completely serious. haha  He realized I meant business and we settled on an awkward promise handshake. But he got his answer! :)

"G" and his family made us rootbeer floats... the Spanish people hate rootbeer... but they were amused with how excited we were. Love them!

We might have interrupted a date... and taught them anyway :)  Best date night, right?!

Well that´s all I've got!   Love you. Love the Lord. Love this work!
Big hugs and besos all the way from Las Palmas.
Hna Fowers

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