Monday, January 27, 2014

Once there was a Snowman

Well... it was a good week!!! Lots of really good lessons! So President raised our standard of excellence for our member present, so we´ve been trying really hard to get more members in lessons!!  We got standard this week and it was such a blessing to have so many strong faithful members helping us out!!! :)

One cool thing- so we had a lesson planned in the church, so we had the member there and everything and then our investigator called and canceled.... so we´re trying to figure out who we can go see instead and we start talking to the member and realize pretty quick that she is the one who needs to feel the love of the Lord. So we sit down and have a lesson with her. I don´t know, it was just incredible to see how the Lord works in mysterious ways. He knows exactly the needs of every one of his children and then gives us the opportunity to serve others. 

Another time, we were in the general area of "C" and decided to stop by and see her... turns out she was really sick- so we called over some members and they gave her a blessing. In both cases they were so grateful and we were just so grateful that God is directing this work and knows exactly what needs to be done.

So "S" :) she is feeling really lonely... we met with her on Tuesday and she just started crying...we were feeling really bad and wanted her to understand how the Savior can help her... so on Thursday we met with her again in a house of a member and we watched some Mormon messages about Christ.  After we just bore testimonies of Christ and how He has helped us in our lives!  We could feel his presence and every single one of us testified how we know Christ is always with us... how he can help us in our lives. Our purpose is to bring others unto Christ and I love it when there are lessons that we bear simple, pure testimony of Him! That happened a lot this week!!  Like I said, it was a really good week!

Umm...I may or may not be speaking in Stake Conference this week... eeeek.... which may or may not be being broadcasted to Salt Lake to a General Authority. . . double eeekkk... I´m under direct orders to make all the young women in the stake want to serve missions.  haha... Wish me luck!

Well...random moments from my life?!

-We sang ´Once there was a snowman´ for our comp study song one day this week. That was fun!  Actions and everything... I think subconsciously that means we want it to snow:)  Hey it actually got cold enough for me to wear tights and a jacket this week!! I was really glad the next day when the sun came back out ;) Speaking of which, how is the Utah weather treating you?!

-Our investigator was watching a basketball game when we arrived... I had a conversation about the Jazz... in Spanish.  I would like to thank Nick Fowers ;)

- We were having a lesson on a bench... it started to rain... I pulled out my handy dandy umbrella (which I always carry because I have been caught in the rain one too many times :)) and all 3 of us squished under the umbrella. It lasted maybe 5 minutes. We moved the lesson to a cafe... and got hot chocolate! hmmmmmmmm

-So there is a part of Las Palmas called ´La Ballena´... I just thought it was a name.  Well we hear something about Jonah and the whale... and they called it la ballena. hmm so the next time we are in that part of town I see a big whale sculpture... I looked it up, sure enough- it means the whale. ¨Where do you want to meet?´ ´Oh you know.. IN the whale´  Oh Spain! 

Love you lots and lots and lots!
Hna Fowers

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