Monday, January 13, 2014

Are we lost?

Mission of this week: Don´t get lost!  Dang...  the Lord knows our weaknesses... haha I think He is trying to make it into a strength. But I'm pleased to announce that we only got lost once!! ... We were late to basically everything... but there was only once where I had no clue where we were... hahaha

So Hna Schaumann se fue a madrid and now Hna Smith is my companion. She is super great!

Anywho this week was good... filled with lots of people, lots of miracles! Even though we were basically late to everything, we were always in the right place at the right time... proof that God is always there, directing us at all times!

So we fasted with "F" this week to see if he still wanted to be baptized on Sunday... So he had stopped smoking, he just hadn´t quite got his answer that this church is true yet... So we had a really good lesson about how we receive answers... lots of testimony... a lot of the spirit... so we met with him right after we fasted...  but instead of getting his answer he started smoking again.  Dang.
Having faith in God includes having faith in his timing. I just always thought that everyone would get an answer if they prayed... but God has His timing, He knows exactly what each and every one of His children needs... and we have to have patience with that. Everything is for the better in the end! :) But "F" is continuing to read and pray and try to quit smoking! 

We had a lesson about the baptismal interview questions and about faith... a member said a comment that I really liked... he said that the questions say ´´do you believe´ not ´do you know´.  Do you hope this is true... do you want this to be true... do you have a desire to know this is true.. that is the beginning of faith. You don´t have to have a one hundred percent knowledge that this is true. You just have to have the beginning of faith and the determination to endure to the end... the rest of your knowledge and faith can grow after.

So "Y" is really great!! She has a lot of questions and we had a really good lesson where we just talked about the basics. We explained that there is a reason we start with the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. They are simple, they are powerful, they bring the spirit.  When you feel that spirit and then act on that spirit and pray to know it is true... you can have a testimony. You can have that sure foundation in Christ and from there you can start to learn all the details... all the doctrine. But the Spirit is what converts and the spirit comes when there is simple powerful testimonies about the simple basic doctrine!

So an Area 70 is coming this weekend for a fireside... and he wants to go out with the missionaries in Las Palmas Saturday morning to visit a few of our investigators!!! Ohh I´m so excited!!!
Also we had a lot of people in church yesterday!!! It was just the best day!!
I love you lots!!! Have a great week!!!
Hna Fowers!

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