Monday, March 17, 2014

Bet you didn't eat in an Irish Tavern

Happy St. Patrick´s Day!!! :)
Let me tell you how we celebrated!! :) Well we ate lunch at an Irish tavern (yes, the owner was from Ireland so we got to hear an authentic accent)...and decided to spend the day surrounded by greenery.  We hiked up a beautiful island mountain complete with cactus, palm trees, and pine trees and finished it off with one of the most green lakes I´ve ever seen! God sure does know how to create a beautiful green St. Patrick´s day view.  Woohoo.  Hope you are all wearing green!

Well I´m just going to tell you a few cool experiences that happened this week...
So one morning we had a lesson a little earlier than usual so we left our piso a little early and it turned out that we were exactly where we needed to be. So as we were leaving our piso I grabbed a bunch of pamphlets and we ran to the bus stop to catch our bus. So we´re waiting and this man sees the Restoration pamphlet in my hand (the cover is a picture of Christ) and he asks to see it.... haha so I hand it right over. He flips through it and then we start to introduce ourselves and our message. He´s fascinated... it´s great! So turns out we needed the same bus, so we continue our conversation on the bus and begin to explain the Restoration of the Gospel. Well turns out that the bus was really crowded so we´re surrounded by a bunch of people. At one point in our explanation this lady cuts in and asks what our beliefs are about life after death... so then I start talking to her about the Plan of Salvation, my comp is still talking to the other guy about the Restoration. Man it was golden!  Well as it turns out the lady that I was talking to...her son had died 2 years ago that day... so I´m explaining about eternal families... and another lady joins the conversation and is really interested as well!!! Well it was absolutely amazing and now we have 3 new investigators that the Lord has prepared and placed in our paths! :) Lovely!

Things are going great- we physically took "P"s cigarettes... rationed them out for him... and he is quiting smoking.  We had a little fuerte lesson with him... he wants to be baptized and now he just needs to do the steps required to be ready! :)

"F" ... man he has gone through a lot in his life... I feel like we have grown with him as well over the last few months. Sometimes I feel like I really am here to learn from the people we teach rather than teach them. But really I have learned so much from him and I truly feel like I am a better person just seeing his humility, patience, and trust in the Lord.  We had a lesson this week and he stopped us in the middle of the lesson and just basically told us that he believes everything, he agrees with everything from the church and he is ready to be baptized..  He just wants to know for himself that the prophet is a prophet. He has complete and utter trust in the Lord that he will get an answer.  It is really rather incredible... and he is also so patient.  So we talked a lot about fasting... if we do our part and earnestly seek for an answer the Lord is bound to bless us.  The Lord has a perfect timing for all of his children and the answers will come when we are ready to receive them but when we put forth all of our effort and put it in the Lord´s hands for the rest then the blessings will come. ¨I the Lord am bound when you do what I say´...  Well this week we are fasting with him. we have put pictures of President Monson all over his piso so he can think and ponder and listen for his answer! :)

Well everyone is doing well here on our pretty little island!

Well I hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick´s Day full of green, leprechauns, gold, and chocolate! :)
Love you lots!

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