Monday, March 3, 2014

Dang you Carnaval...

Well, well, well... where to start.. things are great! We survived Carnaval... just barely!

So "F" is doing well, we´ve been talking a lot about the prophets and the scriptures, and he is praying and waiting for his answer! :) One day really soon there will be a picture in white...

"P"- we´ve really been focusing on the scriptures with him, and he has started reading regularly. We taught him a story from the Book of Mormon about the Anti-Nephi Lehites burying their weapons and applied it to stopping smoking. He absolutely loved the story and the picture. In fact he took a photo of the picture and it is now the background of his phone. Also we had a member in a lesson when we talked about smoking, and this member just bears such strong  testimony about quitting smoking and about he did it and threw his cigarettes off the 13th floor of a building when he heard about the Word of Wisdom. Dang, it was powerful.  My comp and I just look at each other and nod our heads... he was a pretty great choice for a member present. :)

"E" - He is awesome and has a lot of really interesting and good questions! He told us at the beginning that he really doesn´t have any interest going to church... but we´ve been working on that! :) This week he related us to saleswomen... and says we´re doing our ´selling´ well because he wants to come to church and in his prayer he even asked for the ability to come to church!!! :) Sooooo cute!  He didn´t end up coming... but I´m going to blame Carnaval!
So we had a mission tour this week!!! So the Area 70 for Europe came and spoke to us! In addition to this... all the island missionaries were ferried into our island for the conference... and I got to see Hna Christian!!!!!! (One of her trainers)  Wooohoooo love that lady!  It was pretty fun!!! and super inspiring!!! :) He talked a lot about our investigators really understanding what we are teaching them... not just knowing the doctrine, but when they understand they are ready and willing to apply it. In order for us to teach so they can understand, we really need to work on learning and making sure our studies in the morning are top notch. When we´re filled with the spirit our investigators can learn by the spirit. He really emphasized improvement... ´The Lord is not concerned about the quantity, but about the difference!´

So that was really spiritual... and THEN Las Palmas had their big Carnaval parade.  So let me explain, the whole island dresses up and there is a parade (down our street, thank you for asking) with 120 floats and everyone just picks a float and dances and drinks and sings and parties.  Man oh man oh man. It is crazinesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So Saturday was the day of the big parade!!! :) At about 5 we started seeing everyone dressed up and the buses are fillled with people!! :) Everything from hot dogs, to princesses, to warriors, to medieval, to well basically anything you can imagine! There happened to be a baptism in the church during this time, so that was a good distraction!

But, man oh man, coming home for the night. . . so it was for our street so we tried to avoid it as much as we could, but we ended up in the middle of the party for a few minutes! Las Palmas knows how to party and it was everyone out partying! 
Well we locked ourselves in and could still hear the music perfectly because it was sooooo loud!! Our whole building was shaking. Luckily we were towards the beginning of the parade and the last one passed at around 10:30.. . so we could sleep!
Quite the party.  Way to go Las Palmas! :)
Have a great week!!

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