Monday, March 10, 2014

Miracles, Miracles, I love Miracles

Ok ok ok week of miracles right here! Loved loved loved it.
So "P" :) He´s the one that has been baptized 2 other times and didn´t want to get baptized again, and didn´t really understand the importance of it. So we have had like a ton of lessons on authority and baptism... and it didn´t really help. But this week was incredible! We saw a complete 180 change! So we were teaching a lesson with the Dos Santos (two members that really are like saints. Soooo legit!!) and we started teaching the Plan of Salvation again... but we didn´t get very far before we realized that´s not really what he needed to hear.  So then we start talking about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  How after we are baptized we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to always be with us. Man, let me tell you... the spirit was there! That is really what he needed to hear and he finally understood the importance. He accepted the challenge to be baptized and he decided on a day this month! :) Ohhhh man suchhhh a great feeling. . . We asked him how he felt.... He was smiling and said ´full... full of happiness... just full´ :)  Sooooo awesome!! :)

Then on Sunday Hermano Dos Santos was giving a talk in church, he mentions this experience... then he introduces him to the ward so then after the meeting "P" comes up to us alllllll smiles!! haha He loved the attention. He told us seeing the whole ward looking at him smiling made him feel like he was more part of the ward and he is ready to be baptized!! :) Oh but you should have seen him, he was sooo happy and his whole face looked different because he was smiling so much! :) Love love love it! Now we´re just working on the smoking...

"J" day this week I was calling some people and called him up to remind him to read the scriptures. Well I started to remind him... ´Yeah yeah yeah Hna Fowers... I´m reading right now. Did you know that Nephi builds a boat?´ haha.. yes!!!  Best response yet.  Well we started teaching him the Plan of Salvation and he got out a piece of paper...(side note... it was right before English class, the paper was from his English folder, and he gets side tracked really easily)... so we thought he was going to ask us a question about English (uhhhh)... but then he begins to write the Plan of Salvation at the top of the page and began to take notes about what we were teaching and how he can apply it.....(ohhhhh....:))  It was really cool. Really kind of awesome that there are people ready to hear and apply what we have to teach them! :) So we are explaining the Celestial Kingdom... and he turns to us and tells us he wants to be baptized! :) Well alrighty then! :)  We´re working on the smoking with him too... but dang he has the desire!

"F" is probably the most patient person in the world and is teaching me lots! He is continually telling us that he knows that God will answer his prayers, that He always has and always will, but it has to be in his timing! We watched the biography about the prophet and watched several talks. . . he says, his answer will come. We have to do our part and study our questions and pray to God but we also have to have the faith that God does answer prayers and for us that God will answer his.

Fun story... we get a call from "F" this week... I answer and he is like yelling and sounds a little angry... Ahhh I was a little nervous (´what did we do?´) haha ...but turns out that he had just found out that he got a job.... after 2 years of searching. and he was ecstatic!!! :) ´God is wonderful, God is wonderful. God answered my prayers. I knew he would, I told you He would answer my prayers!´ That is probably one of the happiest phone calls I´ve ever had!! I was so glad he called us!!

We saw the happiest baby I´ve ever seen yesterday on the bus. He was all smiles and would laugh at everything. I kid you not, he would look over at us, even if we weren´t making a face... he would burst out in laughter. hahaha   It was sooo cute!

We had a lunch appointment this week and I picked kind of an unlucky seat... haha everything that could happen did.... Someone was reaching over me to grab some meat... haha and she ended up dropping the meat in my water splashing all over the table.  Then there was a baby (freaking adorable) playing with a water cup.. and dumped the whole glass on me haha shirt, skirt, everything. Then as we were clearing the table all the knives fell over and landed in my lap. hahaha man it was a pretty great lunch.

What else... we´re finding a lot of really great people! Life is awesome here!! Drag queen day of Carnaval was this week... Luckily we weren´t caught in the middle of it...and I think that is all for this week!!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK´S DAY!! :) Love you all!!! 

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