Monday, April 14, 2014

The Finger Wag

So it has suddenly turned to summer... haha  I don´t really know what happened to the concept of spring, but there was a very distinguishable leap from winter to summer and I definitely got sunburned. :) Oh the joys of being outside.  Also I kind of feel a little like Pocohantas because there are a lot of little tree leaves that have fallen and when the wind blows there are big sections of flower petals and leaves swirling in the wind.... I´m working on a song to contact people to the tune of ´Paint with all the colors of the wind´ ... got to keep Disney in my life somehow. :)

Well basically if I were to sum up our week in one sentence it would be:  we were in the streets contacting.... :) fun fun fun... you do get to meet quite a few interesting people...
-"P" for instance.  She was really nice. She actually let us teach her all of Lesson 2... quite the accomplishment. After quite a while talking at the bus stop we asked her if we could pray together before we left and is there anything in particular we should ask for.... She said we could ask for her health...and the health for her family... and the health for the whole world while we are at it´...

-There was this really sweet lady whose son (who was a Mormon) died a while ago and she really was so grateful to talk about the Mormon church because she saw the good it did in his life. We had a really great lesson with her about eternal families and she is really ready to hear the gospel.  Unfortunately she doesn´t live in our area.. So other awesome missionaries get to teach her! :)

-The best is what we have come to call the ´finger wag´.... so generally when people wave their finger at you  (you know, in like the ´you did something wrong´ way) they extend their pointer finger and wave and shake their whole hand... but in Spain... they extend their pointer finger and only the finger moves side to side as the hand stays in place... haha and when two missionaries approach,  it is very probable that they will receive this signal.

So I have officially become the English teacher here! :) Kind of fun, I get to write on a chalkboard, which takes me back a while. 

We got stuck in quite the rainstorm this week! :) haha so just imagine this... we are on a bus and the weather is just fine... then out of the blue it just starts downpouring. we look at each other and just start laughing. haha  Due to the hot weather we were in very summery clothes, but don´t you fear I had my handy umbrella... so we get to our stop, get out of the bus (and as I´m opening my umbrella I don´t watch where I step) and I step in a huge puddle. haha  So shoes are soaked, socks are soaked, (my umbrella really isn´t meant for 2 people) so half of each of our bodies are soaked. hahahaha  I haven´t laughed that hard in a long time.  It was hilarious... until the sun went down and it got cold.... haha then we stopped laughing ;) but it is funny because when it rains people just gather in the doorways of stores and wait for it to pass... :) Makes it easier for us... they're all in one place :)  Fun times.

We did do some good deeds this week... we were waiting for a lesson and noticed a lady enter the temple and then come back out and then walk up and down the street, looking a little lost. Well we approached her and asked her if we could help... well they had come from out of town to go to the temple and were trying to make the 12 o´clock session (in 15 min), but she had forgotten the money for the clothes and her husband was trying to find parking... so it seemed like they were going to miss the session... so we were able to help her get to her session on time, something that she had come a long way to do! :) I felt happy that we were there to help her out.  The Lord knows where he wants us.

Well yeah. lots of funny moments. lots of laughs, lots of time on the street.  If anyone has a really good idea of finding new investigators I would absolutely love to hear your ideas! :)
Love you lots!!!!!

Hna Fowers

Tomorrow we are going to a sealing of one of my best friends from the islands!! :)  Woohooo my reward for missing two sibling weddings !  :) haha

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