Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome to Temple Square

I don´t think words can adequately describe how much I love the temple.. after 6 months of not even seeing the temple... now I live the next street over, have the most amazing view of it, and pass it on our way out to work and on our way home every day... talk about keeping the main goal in perspective!  So along with having the temple in our area we get temple tours!!! :) SO my first day here a man who works for the church called us and told us that he was bringing four of his friends to see the temple and wanted to have a temple tour! Okey dokey!! :) I firmly believe that it is the best way to introduce the gospel... you get to see the beautiful temple, feel the spirit, and hear some of our beliefs!

So temple tours go something like this:
-We start out briefly explaining the Restoration of the church. How the true church of Jesus Christ was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith
-Then we go to the statue of the family with the inscription  ´Families can be Together Forever´... we talk about eternal families!!!
-Then we go to the olive tree (that they brought over from Jerusalem :) pretty legit... and talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how through him we can be clean and return back to God
- Then we go to the cornerstone and tell how a prophet of God dedicated the building (Gordon B Hinckley) and how we believe in modern day prophets
-Then we go to the entrance of the temple ¨House of the Lord´ and talk about what is the temple for us.
-Then sometimes we can even go into the front waiting room. That is my favorite part... because you can feel the spirit super strong! There we bear testimony of Jesus Christ! :) and answer any questions they have. We end with a prayer... get their number ;) and go on our way! 
It is incredible!!! :) I love love love it!!! We´ve done it a few times this week... and I loved every one... even the one in the pouring rain. haha

So we have this new investigator (well for me everyone is new..  but he is new, new). So his name is "E" and he has truly been prepared to hear the gospel. He is a friend of a recent convert and his friend invited him for a temple tour (I LOVE THE TEMPLE). so we gave him the tour and then went and showed him the baptismal font in the stake center! He loved it and asked us what kinds of things he needed to do to get baptized... :) He really wanted to watch the Joseph Smith movie (because his friend had told him all about  it).. so our next lesson we watched it with him... He had read a chapter of the Book of Mormon that we left him and had amazing questions.  We watched the movie and he was really touched. He told us he believes that it is true... that the first vision really happened and that our church is true. Man oh man, you should have seen how eager he was to learn!!! It was incredible!!! He LOVES that we have a modern day prophet (perfect timing for conference) and at the end of our lesson he set up our next lesson. He is so excited and it makes me sooo excited!!
It is just another testimony that God is preparing His children!! There are people ready and we have the truth, we just have to go out and preach it. :) and we have the temple which is a great too!!! :)
I love conference! and I love how everyone gathers to temple square to have an all day spiritual party!!! :) Also!!!!! People from Leganés came for the conference and I was able to see them!!!! OHH IT WAS SOOOO GREAT!!!! to see "C"!! who is strong in the gospel and is a ward missionary!!! To see members that I love so much!!  The weirdest part was that I actually understood what they were saying... haha and could talk to them. I was just so used to not understanding them that it took me off guard at first. Love them!! :)

So I definitely saw a man walking a pet ferret on a leash.

I love it here, it is so beautiful and it is beginning to be spring!! (a LOT colder than Las Palmas... had to break out the jacket and the tights... haha).  It is definitely different that Las Palmas... we were teaching a lot more in the islands, and here we are finding and contacting a lot more... so we are in the streets a lot. But all is good! The church is true and Madrid is beautiful! :)
Sending lots of love!!
Hna Fowers

Look at that view of the temple. . . it is BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

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