Monday, April 28, 2014


Ok first things first!!! "A" GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! :) He is my miracle!!!! I know I was in Las Palmas to teach him... :) Okkkkk story time!!
Everything about teaching him was a miracle. We found him through another investigator "L". So she is really busy and hardly ever can see us... but one day in December we felt like we needed to see we randomly called her up and she answered (miracle 1), she could meet with us right then (miracle 2- never happens), and she brought her friend "A" (miracle infinity and four)... So turns out right as we called her she was talking to him about religion and such and so when we called she explained who we were and "A" wanted to meet us. He is the kind of person that likes to learn and get to know other beliefs. 

So we met with them and had one of the most spiritual lessons I´ve had on my whole mission. Very few people understand the significance of the Restoration, but he did! After we told about the First Vision and recited it, all four of us got the goosebumps. No joke, it was an INCREDIBLE LESSON!!!!  He told us later that he was really skeptical coming into our lesson, but that the spirit and the message had completely changed the way he viewed life, that he wanted to be a better person! He loved lesson two... and we started introducing him to the members and he told us that he just felt something different from the members, from the church. That he really liked it. :) Oh man his lessons were always amazing, the spirit was always sooo strong and that is something he learned to cherish right from the start.  He would always tell us that he would come into our lessons tired from work, but after he would feel energized and more motivated! :) We were talking about prayer one day and found out that he didn´t like to ´bother´ God with his prayers.. that he just didn´t want to be a burden... So we taught him about prayer and how God is our literal Father in Heaven and he wants to hear from us. We watched his testimony of prayer grow... we watched him as he began to really pray for the first time in his life- a hesitant prayer, to become confident that he was talking to God. At the end of a lesson once he said one of the best prayers I have ever heard!!! He sincerely and genuinely asked God to answer his questions about the church, that he thought the church was true... he just needed a confirmation.  Oh, he never ceases to amaze me.

So we taught him and watched as his testimony began to grow... his father is very against the church and that was a hard thing for him because he loves his father so much. When I left he was ready to get baptized but he didn´t want to disappoint his father and he wanted to have a stronger testimony. So apparently he went to the priesthood session of conference and apparently there was a talk about being valiant. So German (who was really crucial in his conversion) talked to him after the conference and told him that being baptized would be the valiant thing to do- to live what you believe - even if there were forces opposing him. 

And yesterday he was baptized! :) :):):):):):):):):):):):) No words can express how happy I am.  He is a true convert. and I´m sooo sad I wasn´t there.  The day I left Las Palmas I made German promise me that he would do everything he could to see that "A" was baptized. I knew I was leaving him in good hands and yesterday it happened.
Barrio 6 :) we saw soooo many miracles this week!
So one day we were searching out menos activos and we came across a woman's name.. so we stopped by her house. Turns out she had died four years ago... but her daughter still lives there and was sooo excited to see us!!! Turns out she had taken the discussions 30 years ago but decided not to get baptized... but she was always touched by her mother´s testimony. She has nothing but good feelings towards the church and she told us that it is a miracle that we stopped by to see her. She really needs the gospel in her life right now and she is reallllyyyy prepared!! :) Not only that but she told us that she is never in her piso at that time- like never, every day she is gone, but she was only there because her gas line was getting fixed. God brought us to her and her to us because we both needed that experience. At the end of the lesson we were giving her a hug and she told us that it was incredible that after 30 years, her life has taken a turn back to the gospel... and she felt at home with it :)

The hands of the Lord are in this work. I have no doubt of it... sometimes I think we are just wandering aimlessly these streets.. but these are the children of God. He knows their hearts, he knows who is prepared...He knows where we need to be so we can be instruments in his hands. 
This week was just full of miracles.. in the right place at the right time, sharing the right message, finding the right people.  It has just been an added testimony to me that this is the Lord´s work and it has nothing to do with me, that there will be miracles when the Lord sees fit. But I´m here to work regardless and to do my part to bring the gospel to the people of Spain. The plan and timing of the Lord is perfect.

Quote of the week... from a 15 year old to me ´When I look at you I see a child... but in a grown up body...´   hahahahahaha   If he only knew...
Love you lots!! 
Hna Fowers

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