Thursday, July 11, 2013

Constipado (which means stuffy nose!)

So we´re teaching our investigator and in the middle of the lesson he tells us he has to leave for a minute because he is ´constipado´ haha... so my comp and I are just confused as to why in the world he is telling us this…  Now I know what you are all thinking… but turns out ´constipado´means congested- stuffy nose.  Haha  Glad we got that one cleared up.
So on Thursday nights we always have a devotional and because we have access to all the missionary devotionals ever given, President chooses the best ones to show us!!!!  Last Thursday's was by Elder Bednar about the spirit.  It was amazing.  He said that he always gets the question ´how do I know if it is the spirit or just me´. ¨If you are being a good boy-girl, if you are keeping your covenants, if you are always pressing forward, I promise the Lord will direct your path.  Your words will be inspired, your path will be guided, and it mattereth not which way you go.´  Basically what I got out of this devotional is that you don´t have to know it is the spirit guiding you as you are acting, you just have to always be pressing forward and you will be inspired.  It was so good.

So the park… I never realized how beautiful it was!  The other weeks I was kind of preoccupied with the Spanish and the stress of it all I guess… but this week I went into the park with the attitude that everyone needed to hear this message and I have the opportunity to share something that means so much to me.  Also, the Lord wants me to enjoy the beauty of this opportunity while I am sharing this message....and beautiful it is!!!  There are trees everywhere (which is nice because that means there is shade from this insane heat!!!!!) but it kind of makes the park look Sacred Grove-ish… which I thought was very appropriate.

Also there is this rose garden, I don´t know what it is with Spain and their mazes… but mazes of roses and bushes with gazebos and arches.  It is just perfect.  Perfect setting for this beautiful message.  Haha also, this old couple that we were talking to was trying to set us up with their son. They even pulled out a picture of him… it was awkward on too many levels.

I think subconsciously we always are looking for someone that speaks English because we always manage to find at least someone…  So this week we were talking to this guy from New York and even though we could actually talk to him, it wasn´t as natural to testify to him.  Whereas in Spanish… that is all I know how to do, so our conversations always turn to our testimonies.  Which is such a blessing.  It is sometimes hard to see the blessing in not knowing a language, but the ability to testify and bring the spirit is a definite plus.

I met President Jackson this week!!!  He was in the MTC for some reason and we ran into him as we were going to lunch!!  Wooohoo!!!  He is so nice and Sister Jackson is just the cutest and I am so excited!!!  They knew us all by name and told us that they had just barely put our pictures on their missionary board.  This still is not real. :)

My teacher was talking to us this week and said some really inspirational things… ´this is not words, it´s real.´ This gospel is not about fancy words or eloquent speaking, it is about people: how it helps our lives, and who it helps us become.  This gospel is amazing.  And even though I can´t truly express it well in Spanish, I know it is true.  ´when you say ´I can´t. I can´t´  I want to thunder out ´don´t you know who you are? Haven´t you learned that you are a child of God? Don´t you realize the power that is available to you? You can.¨ (President Packer).

Yeah... Well... People here are super good at soccer. It´s incredible.
Love you all!!
Hermana Fowers

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