Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Off to the field...

Well the time has come!  I´m leaving tomorrow for the mission field!!!!! WOOHOOOOO.

You know... in my mind I think I imagined myself knowing Spanish as I went into the field... haha but this MTC experience has been great!  I really have learned a lot, and I can feel the help of the Lord every day. This last week at the park I was amazed that I could hold actual conversations with people... I could be sincere and have a little bit of personality! So that was a very encouraging experience... and I was pretty much understanding... haha miracles happening everywhere!!

Going and having conversations with people made me so excited to go into the field and talk to everyone... get to know the members and work with them... and really just start this missionary experience of mine!  So on Sunday President Jackson came to give us all interviews and then speak at our fireside!  He really is just one of those people that you can´t help but smiling around! :) I´m so excited!!! Also for our talent show he played his accordian! 

We sang on the temple steps for the last time!!! IN THE RAIN!!! It was sooooo coooll!!!! So we sang a few songs... and our last song was Army of Helaman... So as soon as we started singing that song the rain cleared up, the clouds parted, and the sun shone down on us and the temple. Incredible. It made the song all the more powerful. We are NOW the Army of Helaman.

So tomorrow... we meet at the stake center (also on the temple grounds), go to the mission home for an orientation (where we find out our comp/area), go back to the stake center to meet up with our companions :), maybe go to the temple... and head out on our way!

Wish me luck. haha I might need it! :) All is well, I have the Lord on my side... ´Be still and know that I am God´   I´m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love love love love love love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muah!

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