Thursday, July 4, 2013

Well... I ate a shark

Sometimes I really wish people wouldn´t tell me what I was eating.... but the rumor is that in honor of the 4th of July we get KFC today!!!! woohooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!   My comp and I are in charge of all the music... so we´re singing all the patriotic songs today and asking all the British missionaries to lead and play the piano!!  The people here are so great!!!

So on Tuesday my district decided to only speak Spanish... all. day. long. haha  woooahhhh boy.  That was quite an adventure!  I really did love it though!!!  We basically are all beginners so it was fun to see how much we really did know and how good we are at charades... :)  Planning lessons in Spanish was probably the hardest part, but hey- we did it!!!!  At about 11 we kind of all got used to only speaking Spanish so we got super talkative and excited about speaking Spanglish (oh, i mean Spanish)... but by dinner time our conversations were dead... and I don´t think anyone said anything :)

So yesterday there was a group of young women that came and toured the MTC.  At the end of the tour all the missionaries sang for them!!!  Ohhhhhh my gosh it was such a spiritual experience.  All my life I´ve looked up to missionaries... and suddenly I am the missionary.  We sang ´We are as the Army of Helaman´ and 'Called to Serve'... and I don´t think I stopped smiling the entire time!!!  At the end all the girls came and gave us hugs as they left and it just made me so determined to learn this language so I can go out and serve the people. ahhhh... AND so there was this 6 year old girl that was a daughter to a leader... and as she was walking out the door she stopped, turned around, looked up at us with a huge smile and gave us a huge wave goodbye.... OH MY GOSH MY HEART MELTED!!!!  I don´t know why I am so lucky.  It is hard, but I am so lucky!!!!

Ok sorry, we have lunch right now... I can have another half hour after lunch. :) until then-
So the rumor was true!!!!!!! We got KFC!!!  I don´t even like KFC and it was so good!!! And it was all decked out for the fouth of July.. .we got ice cream, cookies, hotdogs, the whole works. And to add on to it there were flag center pieces and oh, it was beautiful.  The holiday spirit carries on even in Spain!!!

Ok so this week the park was a little more difficult than past weeks… I don´t know what I was expecting, but I still can´t really understand Spanish. Haha. Go figure. But I really am so surprised by how nice the people are and I´m so confused on why they keep talking to us even though we have no idea what they are saying...but I am so glad they do!!!  On average they repeat things at least three times.. haha…..

On Saturday night my district talked a lot about how we view success (it was kind of slow for all of us) and it was really good to remind ourselves that a lot of the times we are planting seeds. On average, people talk with the missionaries 7 times before they will take the discussions and none of our efforts ever are wasted.  And about Spanish… I was reading in 1 Nephi 3:7 and it took on a new meaning for me. The Lord doesn´t give any commandments that He doesn´t provide a way for THEM to accomplish what he has commanded. The Lord knows what we all can do, he has a destiny for all of us that we can´t even comprehend. He gives us commandments because He knows what will help us become the people he wants us to become. In the plan He has for my life, I am supposed to learn Spanish. And he has already provided a way for that to happen. I just need to do everything I can on my part to learn Spanish, and the Lord will make up for the rest!

I love you all. This work is amazing! I can´t wait to see what is in store!!
Hermana Fowers

OK to answer a few of your questions:
Q- So is Thursday your P-Day every week? 
A - Every Thurday is my pday... I get to go to the temple and email and go on an excursion.  It is beautiful!
Q - We're so glad you're liking the fish!  Daniel says now you will be able to come eat sushi with us when you get home!!!???
A - Fish.... hmmm, there is no way Jose I will be joining on the sushi trips back home... haha this fish is at least cooked... and the shark was a bit much for me. Yuck!  but thanks for the invite :)
Q - Where are your MTC teachers from?  How many MTC teachers do you have?
I have 3 MTC teachers. one is from the USA (served his mission in Russia. married a Spainard), the other two are from Spain- they are both converts and have way cool stories (one served in Madrid, one in the Canary Islands)
Q - How many missionaries are in your room where you sleep?
In my room there are 4 sisters... basically my district.  We sleep on bunkbeds, each have our own closet and share a desk with our companion. ... which we don´t use because we study in our classroom all day. :)

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