Monday, July 29, 2013

Loving Life in Leganés‏

Megan sent her new address and this awesome letter today!  We always love hearing from her!!!

Sister Megan Fowers
Avda. del Doctor
Mediguchia Carriche 12, 3 (little cirlce thing) A
28913 Leganés
Madrid Spain

Ooookkkkkk dokey... Well remember that one time I said I was understanding people in Spanish... hahahahahaha well I take that back. Yeah... I think that is all that needs to be said about that :) haha

So here I am in Leganés... I would tell you more about it,, but Dad totally beat my knowledge with that handy dandy Wikipedia knowledge.  All I know is that it is beautiful, the people are great, and I love it!!!!!!
So hmmm where to begin: basics... my trainer is Hermana Zitting (shes the one in the temple picture with the short hair) and my other companion is Hermana Christian. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM WITH ALL OF MY HEART! They are the greatest!!  We have so much fun while we are working, which is such a blessing! They have already made this experience so great and I can't wait to see what is yet to come! Like sometimes when we are going down the metro stairs- Hermana Zitting will run down the escalators and Christian and I will run down the stairs and try to beat her. . . haha so great!

Food: they have mediodia here... so basically we eat breakfast, eat lunch at like 2;00 (then we finish our studies), and people here don't eat dinner... so we eat when we get back to our piso (apartment) at night … after we have planned... at like 11... (because we are on a 7:30 to 11 schedule here). I'm still trying to get used to that schedule.. 

Soooo I've had some pretty great experiences.. soooooo yesterday one of our appointments fell through and we were calling our recent referrals trying to schedule something. We were lucky enough to talk with someone who wanted to meet right then. So we quickly walked over to his piso, he welcomes us into his house. Hahahaha ...and we walk right into the middle of a classic African gospel session. Like this was straight from a tv show with the Halleluias, Amens, and praise Jesus chants... yeah....So we just listen to 'the good word of God' for a good solid hour.... they just keeeepppp tallking!! haha and in that hour I probably said Halleluia more than I ever have before in my life.. soooooooooooo awwkkkward!  but then after the preacher left, the roomful of people turned to us to hear what we had to say... and it went so well!! Not going to lie, I rather liked all the commentary after I would speak (because this was in English :)): Phrases like:  'ain 't that the truth' 'amen to that' haha  It really took all I had in me not to laugh. But they were all really receptive, and they literally are so ready for the truth. They were whipping out all the restoration scriptures right when we needed them... we were literally just teaching off of what they were saying. So cool. We walked out of that situation with 7 new appointments. Oh God does work in mysterious ways. 

Also want to hear another awkward experience?!?!  So we were on the metro one day coming home and I started talking to this guy (like 25) who was really interested in talking to me... so I'm thinking 'sweet' and start telling him our message.... then he starts talking (haha and thatś usually when I start losing people...) but I can just see my companions start busting up... haha  I picked out the word 'guapissima' and started to feel awkward.. so I gave him a pass along card and tried to walk away.  Well he followed us out of the metro... basically declaring his love for me and planning out our lives together... haha and I'm kind of an awkward person to begin with but you throw Spanish into the mix and I'm just hopeless... I was like clinging to Hermana Zitting who is just dying laughing. Well it is clear I don't understand him so he proceeds to ask me out through my companions... haha  Who explain that we are 'nuns'.... as we walk away again he asked my comps if he could kiss me.... hahahahahaha  Oh man, I have never walked away from anyone so fast in my entire life........... SOOOOOO AWKWARD. I don't think I will ever live that down with my comps. Aye yi yi!

Well... I'm hoping the Spanish comes sooner than later.  It is kind of hard not being able to understand anyone- talk to ayone. It makes it really easy to see the hand of the Lord when you are relying on him one hundred percent! We actually have been blessed with a lot of English speakers to teach... which my comp says is kind of rare. I can definitely see how much God blesses my life and I am so glad.  He is always there to make the day brighter! 

I love you all!!

Picture 1 - Hermana Fowers with President and Sister Jackson
Picture 2 - With her new trainer Hermana Zitting in front of the temple... ready to head off to the field
Picture 3 - Pday fun with Hermana Christian in Leganes
Picture 4 - Eating "kebabs"

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