Monday, August 5, 2013


Can I just start off by saying that we had 7 investigators in church yesterday!!! 7!!!!! Also we had a bunch of menos activos come as well!!!! It was such a great day! 130 people in attendance at church!!! My comp said that is the most she´s ever seen at our ward! Miracles... Seriously. If you don´t see miracles, it is because you are not looking.

So let´s go off on this theme of miracles shall we:
We met with this girl named Kendi!  She is absolutely the sweetest person I have ever met!! She is 24 and basically already has the light of Christ in her eyes!! The spirit was so strong in that lesson... and there were so many times when words just came! haha  and let´s make it completely straight here that I know basically zero Spanish- so when I actually make sense when I speak, it is because the Lord wants someone to hear something. It is one of the most humbling experiences to be a tool in the hand of the Lord. Now this whole knowing what to say thing doesn´t happen all the time... which is also a humbling experience... haha but I know without a doubt that God loves all his children and He will always provide a way for them to hear what they need.

Also as we were walking into the church for our lesson with Kendi, there was this man waiting outside the gate of the church... so we talk to him for a bit.... turns out he is less active, hasn´t been to church since Christmas so we invite him into the lesson, and he bore his testimony! So great!!  Now we are meeting with him and he came to church!!

This week we have been teaching a lot!! :) I love it so much!!!!  On Monday I went on exchanges to Leganés (One of the sisters is a training leader and had a meeting)... and it was suchhhhh a cool experience!!! I was in a new situation with new people... but it is incredible how much you can love people you don´t know... and how the more you love them the more insight you have as to what to say! Also we got ice cream.... that is a miracle in and of itself...haha  :)

Well our area includes Leganés and Getafe... it is HUGE!!!!!! So we ride the metro A LOTTTTT!!!! :) I love it!!!!! I would way rather talk to people on the metro than have to knock doors... everyone here lives in pisos (apartments)... so that doesn´t really work.

Ummm want to know some random things about Spain?!
-From about 2-4 in the afternoon the streets are completely empty.  Then at 8 everywhere is booooommmmmiiinngg!!!!! crazy
-People here love accordians ... and rollerblades
-On average people have more dogs than they have children....
-And everyone and their dogs smoke.... joking... but not :)
-I think it is required for old men to wear those cute beret hat things and have canes... seriously the cutest old men
-And for the old men that didn´t get the memo... they like to walk around shirtless?!?! WHY?!?!
-They have cute little parks on basically every street that are surrounded by cute little rainbow fences. Sometimes I really have the urge to go play on them. :)
-Also the kids here are adorable... like soooooo cute!! I think I´m going through children withdrawals haha
-Oh also... everyone gives those nifty little cheek kiss things...(but don´t worry...I shake all the boys hands ;))

Well that is my week... lots of teaching... lots of Spanish... :)
Shout out to Danielle!!!! I am soooo proud of you and think you are absolutely amazing!!!! (Her cousin who is going through the temple!!)
How about you all have a super good week... ok? OK!!!


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