Monday, August 26, 2013

Temple... Toledo...Terrific

Okedy dokedy....... first things first... MADDIE IS ENGAGED!!!!?!?! say what???? AHHH I AM SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!! THAT IS SO GREAT! :)

So want to guess where we went this week.... TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHH MAN I LOVE THE TEMPLE SO MUCH!!!!!  Want to know something else super cool... I did the whole session in Spanish!!! ...and understood the whole thing!!!  I really love people that speak slowly and clearly :) haha  It really was so great and such a confidence boost that I know more than I think I do...There is no better place to go to feel so much peace and comfort, oh man I love the temple so much... well until next transfer... I am so glad I have a temple in my mission and I have the opportunity to go.:)   Such a good refresh!!

Umm Thursday was basically a day of miracles!  Everything that we studied that morning we were able to apply and teach and really touch some people... Sometimes I feel like I don´t make that much of a difference because there is so much of a language barrier... but this day I felt like I was able to say what they needed to hear, I just felt completely guided and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!  Also we had contacted this man on the street and met with him on Thursday, we end up meeting with his whole family, including his son who is going through chemotherapy right now... They definitely need the hope and joy this gospel can bring and I was so glad to have the opportunity to teach the beautiful message of this gospel and be where I needed to be both when we contacted them and when we taught them. Seriously the hand of the Lord is in every step!! It is just amazing when you get to see the fruits!

This week we ate with this AMAZING MEMBER ... Arus is the mom´s name and she is basically an angel!! She is the most sincere and genuine person and she is always so nice and considerate to the missionaries. Anyway she is Armenian and we had some pretty spectacular fish and these amazing tortellini/potsticker things... dang!  Good food just makes the day all the more better! :)  Also she gave us ice cream.  I am totally justifying all the ice cream I am consuming in this heat. :)

So we are meeting with a lot of people from Nigeria... haha sometimes they just say the greatest things like ´go ahead and unleash the good word of God!´ Also today for pday we went to Toledo!!! Oh my goodness gracious it was soooo beautiful!! So historic and beautiful!! Everything was so old and historic... this is kind of what I pictured when I envisioned Spain... haha  It was soooooooooo pretty!!!  I loved every second of it!!  Hey guess what... I am in Spain!?!?!
I love it here! The people, the experiences, the language, the food, the places!! Everything!! 
Well have a great day!!  Love you all!!!!!
Pictures of Pday in Toledo...

I am holding the good word of God...


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