Monday, September 2, 2013

And thus concludes Transfer 1...

So good news... I´m staying in Leganés :) with my companions!!! Except we won´t be a trio anymore- I´m staying with Hna Zitting... and Hna Christian is moving downstairs and getting a baby! haha but we will still be able to party in the piso! woohoo!!

Also speaking of partying.... so there was a ward party this week! woohoo for ward parties. So we were told to come ready with games to play with the primary... except it turned out to be more like a talent show haha and we ended up being the entertainment.  Let me explain... so the nice spiritual message turned into this primary girl doing this dance... and Hna Christian and I start dancing in the back... haha and the Bishop saw us and thought it was hilarious... so the next ´act´ for the talent show the Bishop and all the members were begging us to dance.... haha can´t disappoint the members, right?  If that doesn´t strengthen relationships with the member, I don´t know what will! :)  Also more people talked to me after that than ever have before, success!!!
Anyway, for some reason my companions thought it would be a good idea if I was in charge of directions for this week. hmmm... hey remember the first time I drove a car and I didn´t know how to get to Bountiful High... yeah.... so we´ve been lost a lot this week. haha  But I have learned a lot.  You can´t win them all...
We had lots of yummy food this week :) I still wonder what Spanish food is like... because I feel like everything we eat is not Spanish: Peruvian, Armenian, and Chinese this week!  Funny thing about the Chinese- we were talking about the Mandarin restaurant that very day, and we show up to an appointment and he had made Chinese! :) haha miracles happen I am telling you! Also I am pleased to report that everything we ate was stupendously good! including stuffed peppers- stuffed with like this meatloafy goodness, and these seasoned chicken legs. yummmmm. hey we also had American food!! the Day of transfer calls we went to this cute little old fashioned diner and had good old hamburgers!

Anywho enough with that! Maria has been making the goals we set for cutting back smoking, so we set new goals! wooohooo! She is so great! She has a niece and a nephew that come to the lessons we have with her and it is just so cool to talk about a topic and explain how it can apply to each person individually! This gospel is for everyone and has the power to change-heal everyone!  We also played soccer with her little 7 year old nephew... OK I´m pretty awful at soccer in the first place, now add a skirt and missionary shoes...hmmmm! That is a pretty picture! haha   I was on the ´SPAIN´ team... pretty sure we won...

Cesar is a rockstar... haha he is the funniest person! Dang sometimes our lessons with him go on the most random tangents because he has so many random questions... but I really just love him so much. It is crazy to think that 6 weeks ago when I came here I didn´t know any of our investigators and members and now I just love them so much and have such a strong relationship even though I can´t really speak Spanish. 
I really am so glad I am staying, I couldn´t imagine starting over when I feel like we just barely begun! It really is a miracle to have the opportunity to teach the people we are teaching. I am learning from them and it is amazing to see the change the gospel can bring in their lives. My comps and i were talking about what we like doing the most as a missionary... ´Telling people why we are so happy!´

I love you all!!! Have a great week, and don´t party too hard! :)

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