Monday, September 23, 2013

Peruvian food, paella and green olives

Sometimes I really like quotes: ¨It is not your responsibility to convert anyone. That is the work of the Holy Ghost. Your task is to share your beliefs and not be afraid¨ (President Uchtdorf). I just really like that! 
So we got this Amish bread starter... so we thought it would be a good idea to 1. make some yummy bread and 2. give it out to members when we asked for references. haha  So we followed the instructions, put the base in the jar and then headed out to give it away.  Well turns out that when put in small container the dough will first expand... and then explode... hahaha and explosions on the metro... quite hilarious :)

Pilar: she is the daughter of a less active member we are visiting.  So we were meeting with her again this week when her husband came home from work.  He ended up loving the gospel too and we scheduled to come back for an FHE with their family.  So we show up for FHE and there were a ton of people there!  Pilar, Marcos (her husband), Josefa (her mother), Luis (who lives with them and turns out he had taken the discussions 2 years ago... we looked at his record and he is totally golden and is sooo ready to learn, he was just working a ton back then), and their friend Pedro. So it was quite the FHE with yummy food, (side can make lasagna- Mexican food style and it is SOOOO GOOD!!!!), good company and super strong spirit!! Ok so we gave the first discussion about the Restoration and watched the Joseph Smith movie.  Every single one of them loved it!! ...and now we are teaching them all! Woohoo..  And cool story so at the end Pedro asked for a copy of the movie so he could watch it again when he got home.. so we gave it to him and were asking for his info: he doesn´t have a number, and he is never at home. basically if I would have met him on the street I would have thought that he was not interested and there would have been no way for him to hear the first discussion. but because he randomly came to his friend's house the day that we were there he now knows about the gospel and we are now teaching him! God knows each of his children and how to reach each of them.

Maria: so we met with her for the first time this week and she has 2 adorable children (5 and 8). She basically is just looking for a religion and doesn´t know where the truth is... :) I have never seen anyone connect to the Joseph Smith story so much! When we were describing how he didn´t know which church had the truth.. she was like ´yes, that is exactly how I feel!´ She is great! haha  And from the mouth of babes: so there was some confusion about the trinity... so we´re talking about God and she turns to explain to her 8 year old daughter how Jesus has a body but God is a light-energy. haha  The daughter totally called her out ´mom, that doesn´t make any sense¨ and then goes on to explain how God does too have a body... Yes little girl, how right you are!  :)

So we got invited to this birthday party slash family reunion thing. haha  I just really love Peruvians. So just listen to this... so they start out with some appetizers... chicken wings and potatoes.  Then there is some singing and dancing.  Then they bring out some tamales :) yummm super good.  Then there is some more singing and dancing while we recovered from our burning mouths... so we´re super full and getting ready to leave and that is when they decided to bring out the main course... say what? haha  People just keep piling us up with food. so then we ate beef-rice & potatoes... at this point we really have to leave so they box up a cake for us! haha  Which was probably good because if I had to eat anything else I would´ve exploded! and to make it worse it is allll soooooo delicious!  Also this week I had real Spanish Paella :) yummmmmy! and fun fact... they snack on green olives here... we saw a girl on the metro snacking on them and commented on how strange that was. I need to learn never to do that. The very next day we were fed green olives before we ate... yummmm...????  Armenian food is super good too :)

We had a woman approach us this week... pointing to our name badges and ask us where our church is! haha  That doesn´t just happen!! It was amazing! Turns out her sister is Mormon in Columbia and this woman has been looking for the church here...and we were just in the right spot at the right time! Amazing!!! We are teaching her today after we go have an adventure in the center of Madrid!

Woohoo!!  I love you all!!  Have a great week!!

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