Monday, September 9, 2013

Wedding Cakes and Spanish Swords...

Want to hear a cool quote?!?!  "You were called to the mission and the language in which you can most powerfully bear your testimony"  Wow... hmmm and that is my encouraging message of the week.  So this week has been a little crazy, we lost some investigators- because Hna Christian left our companionship but all is well! (with the transfer her companion Hna Christain received a new missionary and Megan stayed with Hna Zitting)  We did a lot of contacting and walking this week... haha

Here are some highlights:
Cesar- He has a baptismal date!!!! I´m hoping and praying that that date will work out, but we have made huge progress with him!!! We were having the lesson about baptism and we were asking him about how he feels... basically he knows that he needs to get baptized and he has the desire. Guess what, we actually got him to say that he wants to get baptized!!!!  That doesn´t seem like a big deal, but for him that is huge!!! It is a big step of faith for him.  He also told us that he is afraid.  When he said that I thought of a scripture I had read earlier that morning Moroni 8:16, "perfect love casteth out all fear."  When he read that scripture he was quiet for a long time, you could just see it in his eye the desire he has. The spirit was so strong and long story short he now has a date!!!! Woohoo!!  What a champ!  Also at church yesterday we went to go talk to him after Sacrament Meeting and we didn´t know where he had gone... so we walk out into the hallway and he is sitting on a bench, in the midst of tons of people, listening to a conference talk on his ipad... and I repeat, what a champ!

Three different people this week have showed us their wedding pictures... haha so I would like to thank Maddie for giving me a story to contribute to the conversation :) Anyway want to know something cool about Spain... they cut their wedding cakes with swords and then feed it to their spouse with the swords as well.. haha   It makes for a super awesome picture and I´m thinking Maddie should implement that... haha

We had the most adorable FHE this week!! So it is a family with 4 kids (14, 12, 10, 9)... So we were explaining the Restoration and were using the pyramid cup object lesson! (which is super sweet by the way) and the kids were so cute the entire lesson, so actively engaged and everything! So at the end we were talking about reading the scriptures and we left them with a competition... we left 2 reading calendars, one for the girls and one for the boys.  We told them that whoever read the most would win a prize... you should have seen their faces, it was almost like a Ben Fowers competitive look!! They all started making plans and trash talking the other team, haha (and then the best part) they all pulled out their Books of Mormon and started reading right then and there!!! haha  It was THE CUTEST thing I have ever seen!!

Hna Christian´s new companion is a native speaker- from Equador! and she cooks really well!! Well this week I have kind of felt like my Spanish has been getting worse... haha which is not a good feeling. Anyway I was talking to Hna Zitting about it and she just told me that ´no, it is just that you are noticing more when you make mistakes... which means you are getting better... before you just didn´t notice´ haha  I kind of like that way of looking at it.. makes me feel like there is at least some hope for me even when I don´t realize it :)

I know that I am supposed to be here learning Spanish. I know that God helps me everyday, and that somehow, someday I will be able to bear my testimony in the most powerful way in the Spanish Language to the Spanish people. :)
Love you much!!
Hermana Fowers!! :)

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