Monday, September 30, 2013

The Rain in Spain!!

Well the rain in Spain definitely doesn´t fall mainly on the plains...unless I happen to be on the plains... haha I´m not really sure!
So let me tell you a story: One day this week we´re on our way to visit a less active member. So we have our map in hand and are a little lost, but are definitely on our way to have a fabulous lesson. That morning the weather had been great so we don´t have any sort of jacket or umbrella (mistake number 1). So on our journey, it starts to get really cloudy and cold... we start joking about how it might rain (mistake number 2). Then it does start raining... awesome!!! We head over to the nearest apartment complex and wait for a few minutes to see if it´ll pass. If anything it gets harder... we take a good look around- we are pretty far from where we need to be, neither of us have jackets or umbrellas... so 'well should we knock this apartment building?´ Then it starts absolutely pouring. haha  I guess that is a 'yes'. So we are let into the building by someone who feels sorry for us, but isn´t interested in our message so we go to the first floor and start knocking on the doors. To add to this beautiful picture- the electricity is out. haha  So when people open their doors all they see is darkness and two outlines of two very wet girls. hahaha  It wasn´t super successful. :)  And so this continues as we go from building to building trying to avoid the rain. Then we ran out of apartment buildings and continued our journey again to this less active member. We FINALLY arrive at her building, completely soaked head to foot. ready for this great lesson... haha and her floor doesn´t even exist. hahahahahahaha  One of those moments you just can´t but help laughing. We looked sooo ridiculous and I´m convinced God has the greatest sense of humor :)

Ask me if I will ever forget an umbrella ever again? ...because the answer is no :)

 And hey look on the bright side- fall has begun, the weather is beautiful and the next day I got to pull out my boots and cute rain coat!! WOOOHOOO FOR FALL!!!! :)

Want to know something else funny that happened this week: so we had a lesson in the mental hospital... yes. yes. you read that correctly. So we´re visiting this less active who was about to visit her friend and asked if we would come with her. So we did some rearranging and went with her. Well, fully expecting to go to an apartment or something... no she takes us to the hospital... ok ´well she´s sick´ we´re thinking... no we are led into the pysch ward- haha  They had to unlock the big heavy prison door and everything! :) haha ooohhh the things that happen on missions.  It was quite the experience, I don´t really know how much you could feel the spirit due to all the people yelling on all sides of us, but you know, the Lord knows the needs of each of his children. 

Also yesterday we walked into an apartment where a couple was watching Little Mermaid together! wooohoo! How adorable is that!?? That is my kind of couple... I´m done with all the teenagers making out on the metro- a couple that watches Disney together stays together... haha that was a super fun lesson!

We met with an Armenian family that just moved from Belgium... so they fed us an Armenian dinner with Belgium chocolate! :) yuuuuummm!!!! ...and they are suuupper sweet and the spirit was super strong!

I am continually amazed by how the spirit works! The spirit can speak to us all individually and give us all the comfort and peace and knowledge to know for ourselves that this church is true!! It is truly amazing!  GENERAL CONFERENCE is coming up!!!! wooohoooo!!!!  ...and I just found out I get to see it in English! Soooo relieved!

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