Monday, February 3, 2014

Stake Conference = Skype Conference

Fun fact.... The Canary Island´s stake is the only stake to be separated by the ocean. The 7 islands make up our one stake... and not everyone can travel to our island for the a result, Stake Conference is a big skype session! :) Woohoo!!! Sometimes the talk was by someone on our island and sometimes the prayers, speakers, songs were done by people done on different islands and we would watch on the projector. Thank you technology! :)

Saturday night session was all about missionary work and I got to bear my testimony! :) I was kind of nervous going into the conference... this is being broadcasted to all the islands!! Then I got even more nervous when I realized the whole conference was about missionary work and I was the only missionary speaking. Dang.  Luckily, all went well!  Phew, deep breaths!  I got up there and just saw all the faces of all the members that I love so much and it was just like bearing my testimony in a lesson... plus there are perks when God is on your side.  I honestly don´t remember what I said... haha  but I think that was mainly the nerves.  Then the Sunday session of Stake Conference was a broadcasting from Salt Lake... Elder Ballard and some 70s talked to us. It was for all the stakes in Spain, Portugal and Cape Verde. Kind of fun!!!

One fun little thing... so I usually write notes to all the members who bear their testimonies on Brother "G" came up to me after the meeting thanked me for my testimony and gave me a thank you note :)  Tender moments. Love the members here!!
Also, all the missionaries on our island (there are 10 of us...) sang ´El ejercito de Helaman´(Army of Helaman) and it was really cool!! haha  Only problem was that my comp and I were the only girls... so we had to sing really loud... and I am not a singer! haha

So the work here is great!!  We are finding and teaching a lot of great people with a lot of great potential! This week we talked a lot about how every one of our investigators has just something in the way of getting baptized. We´ve been trying really hard to improve our teaching and really bring the spirit so they know how great the spirit can feel and truly have a desire to have that spirit with them always. (aka.. through baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost).  I know that God can work miracles but we have to ask him for his help. We are trying really hard to emphasize praying with real intent. If all of our investigators truly prayed with real intent I know that they would feel the difference and really work towards baptism!! :) So that is what we are working with!!!

"Y" is great as always... she talked to her boyfriend this week about marriage... so she is one step closer!! Woohoo!! She really feels the drive to get baptized so her family can receive all the blessings of the gospel and also so she can do the temple work for her grandpa... she really understands what it means to come unto Christ! She came to Stake Conference and smiled at us as I bore my testimony-  and as we sang. She is so cute!!

Anyway... Lots of great things are happening here!! Love, love, love it!!!  Have a great week!!!!
Un besito!
Hna Fowers

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