Monday, May 12, 2014

A Medieval Market

Lots of highlights from this week... :)

So an Area 70 came and talked to all the missionaries in the Madrid area!! It was incredible- He is also the Church Historian (Elder Snow). Talked about how they know a lot about the early church days in Spain because of missionary journals. Super inspirational. He told us that one of the reasons we keep journals is because our spiritual experiences will fade, but if we have them recorded we can always go back and remember how good God is-was to us. :)

So as we´re leaving this reunion we hear music from the gym... like olden day music... so we go to check out what was going on.  Ummmm it was the best thing I´ve ever seen in my entire life!!! A MEDIEVAL MARKET!!!! so the young women were fundraising to go to girl´s camp... and they had set up this legit market.  There were costumes, decorations, music, food... you name it.  I was in heaven!!!!

So we found a new investigator this week and it was very much a miracle... so we received an address of someone who was potentially interested in the church... so we are looking for this address... can´t find it anywhere, we literally circled around the same complex like 5 times. So we´re contacting as we´re searching and run into this guy that looked a little rough around the edges. So we stop and talk to him and he´s awesome. We end up moving to a nearby bench to teach the Restoration. :)  Woohoo he loved it. we explained the Book of Mormon.... ´so can I buy that book in any bookstore´   No... but here this one is for you.  Yes, yes it is free. :)  Never did find that address... but found something better!!!  Funny how God works.

We had a lot of good member lesson-FHEs this week... We have a lot of members that are doing a lot of missionary work and it is incredible to witness and be a part of! :)
"M" is doing well!!! She told us this week that she believes the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and she can really see the difference in her life when she is reading!

"E".. we taught the 10 commandments this week and you know he is a 16 year old boy so we weren´t expecting any great enthusiasm... haha ´so we´re going to talk about the 10 commandments´... ´YES... this is what I like to hear ´.... ´ummmm... ok...´ hahaha one of those situations you weren´t expecting so you don´t know how to respond....haha
I LOVED SKYPING YOU YESTERDAY!!! :)  Our appointment right before the Skype asked us if we were going to visit another family... Yeah our own!!!! Wooohoo!!! 

Hna Fowers!

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