Monday, May 5, 2014

Feliz Día de la Madre

Fun Fact, Mother´s Day in Spain was yesterday!! So we got to enjoy the cute Sacrament Meeting, the primary children singing and all the cute comments about mothers. I LOVE MY MOMMY!! :)

Well last Monday right after we emailed we were eating lunch in this cute little sandwich café. . . so as we´re eating this man comes up to us and points to our name badges and asks us if we could explain our religion. haha  Why yes, yes we can. We swallowed our mouths full of sandwiches, he pulled up a chair and we had a nice long discussion! :) Awesome. Then at the end he told us that he would really like to meet with us again and asked if Tuesday at 4 would be alright. haha  So he basically approached us, started the conversation, and set up the return appointment... Miracles do happen. It was awesome! So we had another lesson with him and everything, He's a little hesitant to believe and very scientific, but he definitely has a lot of potential. He sure does have the desire. :)

This week I went to the temple for the first time since October.  Let me repeat... since OCTOBER!!!! That is sooo long!!!! I was sooooo excited because I still hadn´t even seen the new video!! Literally felt like I was waiting for a midnight premiere!! and I LOVED IT SOOO MUCH!!!! Learned so much, felt the spirit so strongly, and just all around felt edified... gotta love it! Then right after we had our zone meeting, so it was just an all around amazing morning!

So there are stakes that come from all over to go to the temple, and this week it was a stake from the south of Spain. They had a big Youth Conference here and as one of the activities we gave them temple tours. So we gave tours to like 50 youth at a time. :) Oh it was so fun! Not only did we get to bear testimony and teach, but it was a bunch of youth so we got to make it really fun too. We gave the tours the day after we had gone to the temple so my love, appreciation, and testimony of the temple was just on cloud 9... loved it!!!

So our Miracle find last week is named "M"... and we met with her again this week! :) She is wonderful!!! She had the lessons before and she really realizes that God has placed the gospel back into her life for a reason! She told us that she is going through the hardest time of her life right now.. .her mom died about 4 years ago and she is still recovering from that, and her older sister has cancer and she is dying. She´s having a rough time, and she told us that she knows God led us to her because she can´t go through this alone. She needs additional help from him. We had given her a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read, and she thanks us for that, told us that the spirit she felt when she read was exactly what she needed. It is even more special to her because she remembers the spirit that her mom brought into her life. :) I absolutely love meeting with her!

"E" is progressing, he loves learning about the church and it is soo cool to see...this week he brought one of his friends to the lesson! Awesome!! :)

Seeing as this day was Mother´s Day... we bought some flowers to give to some of our favorite mothers here in Spain.. haha and we got quite a few different reactions. haha

-"M", who is our investigator that is going to get baptized soon... haha well she was changing a poopy diaper. (people here don´t really have an issue with privacy, they breast feed in public... everything in public)... so when she saw the flowers she got all excited and came to give us besos... but had the baby in her arms with the poopy bum facing us... hmmm yeah that was probably the most distant beso I´ve ever given :)

-"J"... is like our mom in the ward! She was just cute and gracious... I actually took video of that one! :)

We had an awesome FHE yesterday... as part of the game we were playing charades of scripture characters. So I had to act out Esther.  The only problem was that no one on my team even knew who Esther was.... haha kind of creates a problem. :)

Well yeah, other than that everything is just same old, same old! Loving life!!

Love you lots!!
Hna Fowers

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