Monday, May 19, 2014


May or may not have left our keys in our piso this week... locked out... awesome!
So this story all starts out Friday afternoon when we go to the church for a lesson... we go to open the door and realize we don´t have the keys. That is kind of a problem, but we just kept ourselves busy thinking about lessons instead of the fact that we didn´t have a way to get into our piso.  We call this denial... so about 8 we start wondering what we are going to do... 
We call the other hermanas that used to live there, they left their keys inside the piso... awesome!
We call the office elders to see if there are spare keys, they are in a lesson.... perfect!
Then we called the other hermanas in our area and told them we were crashing for the night. :) SLEEPOVER!

There are some major perks to this, namely: Hna Braithwaite had a ´spare´ pair of pajamas that I absolutely loved... totally a Dr. Suess onesie thing. Definitely took advantage of that! There was a whole bottle of nutella for us to snack on:) sleepovers are just fun... but then the office elders called back letting us know that unless we were looking for priesthood keys they couldn´t help us... aka there were no spare keys. funny elder... not helping!
They also let us know that a locksmith in Spain costs 300 euros... let me repeat 300 euros!! So I went to bed on the floor, without a blanket, mentally preparing myself to climb into our apartment in the morning. 

So the morning rolls around and I call the landlady and explain the situation, ask her if she happens to have any spare keys. Nada... so we start talking about calling a locksmith (just a sidenote... I was not trained to talk about keys and locksmiths and insurance agents .. haha), but we tell her to wait on it (mainly because I really wanted to try climbing into the piso:) haha So we get dressed in our same sweaty clothes from the day before and go to teach English class. :) haha but just rest assured that we looked smoking hot- 2 minute shower, no make up, we rocked it.

But all worked out in the end... we discovered a member who is a locksmith and bless his soul he came and broke into our piso for us. I´m pretty sure I heard the Halleluia choir singing when the door finally opened. :) So that was our big adventure for the week! :) haha  Just gotta laugh!  And in comparison to that.. nothing much happened. I learned a new word: magía patagía... the equivalent of abrakadabra!  It is my new favorite word!

We found some really cool people contacting this week! One man, "V" received the lessons recently and has a lot questions about the 3 kingdoms of glory... so we stopped him and started talking to him and he just started asking us about the Plan of Salvation- it kind of took us aback because no one really knows anything about what we believe!! We were able to sit down and explain it to him! Super cool!

We met a lady yesterday named "A". She was in a car accident about 8 months ago and her mom and 2 of her siblings were killed. We were able to testify about the Plan of Salvation and how we really can live with our families forever! It is incredible the knowledge we have, it brings so much hope and it is what everyone wants-needs to hear! I was just in that lesson so grateful that we can trust in God and have the knowledge that we can live with our families forever.

Well that was basically the week. :) Companionship goal: don´t get locked out again  ;)
Love you lots!

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