Monday, May 26, 2014

Yes, God loves you!

So Tuesday this week was a day full of miracles!! We basically taught more that day than we did the whole week last week... it was a good day... (or last week was a bad week, haha, however you want to take it :)
So we were able to meet with "E" (who has been working 24/7 for the last month basically). So this was the first time in a month, and it was so great- super spiritual and she´s back on the right track!

We also met with "E" and he accepted the Word of Wisdom!! He committed to live it (woohoo)!! He has been holding out on setting a baptismal date because he wants to know all the commandments before he commits to anything, so we are teaching and he is loving everything!! One of the coolest 16 year olds I know. 

We also met with "M" and had a really interesting lesson. Every time we said anything about how God is a loving God she would look kind of confused or make a comment about how she is so small and has a lot of trials... So we straight up asked her if she believes that God loves her... she told us that she thinks she is too small to be of notice to God. It literally broke my heart to hear this and we bore testimony of how God is our loving Father in Heaven. We are literally his children and we can´t even begin to comprehend how much God loves us. He has a plan for each and everyone of us and is completely aware of our every need, but also aware of what is best for us. I felt the spirit stronger in this lesson than probably at any other time in my mission. God wants us to know that He loves us. We have the restored gospel because He loves us, I am here sharing the gospel because He loves His children here. This is a work of love, because we truly have a loving Father in Heaven. 

So we are working with "L" and it was her birthday this week... haha so I called her and as soon as she picked up I started singing ´cumpleaños feliz... cumpleaños feliz.. etc´... I guess I should have asked who I was talking to, but that didn´t really cross my mind. So I just sang and when I finished singing there is just silence on the line.  I'm just thinking ´shoot, I probably should´ve asked for "L"... after a good long silence she just says ´this is the missionaries, isn´t it... ´ hahaa yes, yes it is!  She loved it and she knows it! :)

I had intercambios this week here with Hna Fuller... we were in the streets a lot, and we found some great people. One was named "S". So we were telling him about the Book of Mormon and he was really interested. So after we had read with him a little and bore testimony and all that jazz he handed us the book back and told us he didn´t want it. What?  He told us ´well this is probably a really sacred book, and I don´t know if I can take good enough care of it.´ We made a deal with him, if he took it, read it and prayed about it and still didn´t want it when we met again we would take it back. We´re meeting with him today.. so I´m excited!

Yesterday was Elder Cloward´s bday and we ran into them in the streets after they had just gotten some cake... he offered us a piece, but seeing as we were on the streets we didn´t have anything to cut it with. haha so we cut the cake with a pass along card!  Yes... and that is how you know we are missionaries. haha

That was basically our week: teaching, awesome members, cake... gotta love it!
Love you lots!!! 

Shout out to my champion brother and the Bountiful baseball team!!! :) Wooohooo WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS!!!

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