Monday, February 24, 2014

I love Carnaval :)

First things first... Carnaval updates!!! :) So Friday night right as we are going to bed we hear LOOOUUUDDD music from outside... so we go to the window and see this big semi sized truck... but on the back there is just a platform with probably 200 people dressed up dancing on the bed of this truck.  It has been fun to see people dressed up walking around! :) I love costumes. 
Anyway... moving on...  "A" is so legit!  We had a really good lesson with him this week and were talking about the spirit and how he can recognize his answers... He really takes in everything we teach him and applies it to his life.  It is great! He told us he really loves meeting with us because it makes him want to be a better person! ´I just come into our lessons so tired, and I leave so energized... I love that!!! ´ :) That my friend is the spirit.... He came to institute and all the jas were really good about befriending him. He was making comments and nodding his head and everything. :) Success!
Well there was a day this week when basically everything fell through, but we ended up seeing people that really needed some words of comfort. It was good to see how the Lord can guide us to who needs him the most. 
One thing my Stake President told me as I was leaving for my mission was that there would be times on my mission where I really wouldn´t understand the situations people were going through, but I would be able to help them because I know someone who understands perfectly, someone who can help... Jesus. We had that happen a lot this week. We would be listening to a situation and I would literally be thinking, I can´t even imagine going through this. I would think of what my Stake President said, and talk about the Atonement. How Jesus literally can help. There is always such a powerful comforting spirit that comes when you testify about the Atonement. :)  Love it.

Well I have more random stories if you don´t mind listening...(or reading I guess.)
-There was a honking protest Thursday morning outside our apartment. Literally for 20 minutes there were cars that passed our apartment and there was continual honking for this 20 minutes. Not going to lie... kind of drives the spirit away.
-We got a reference of this guy who literally lives along the beach. haha. So yesterday we had a little bit of time to go search him out.  We walked along the boardwalk looking for his address.  Honestly, with the sunshine, the sound of the waves, the view of the ocean, and the smell of the ocean spray... I felt like I was on vacation. It is so beautiful!!!  I love this island so much! :)
Well love you much! Have a great week!! Hope all is well and all of your happiest wishes come true! :)

Con mucho amor, 

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