Monday, February 17, 2014

Día de San Valentín!

Well howdy there:) So to recap the week... "F" didn´t get baptized, we ate sooooooo mmuuuccchhh food, and we didn´t get transfered!! :)

So we were in a meeting with our ward mission leader and we´re explaining about all of our investigators... what we´ve taught this week, all the doubts they have, the potential they all have and all the little problems every one of them has to overcome before they can get baptized.  Our ward mission leader looks at me and says ´Hna Fowers, the Lord is trying to teach you patience´.... haha thank you, I was aware of that. I am also aware that patience has never been my strong points! haha  That was another theme of the week.. patience :)

Well Monday night we met with "F" to go over the baptismal interview questions... turns out that although he believes in prophets... he doesn´t quite believe that Thomas S Monson is the prophet right now. hmmm... So we had a long discussion about prophets, about why they are important, why we need them, how we can know if President Monson is a prophet... how if Joseph Smith is a prophet (which he believes) then Thomas S Monson is the only one who can be a prophet. You name it, we talked about it. Anyway we asked him to pray about it and set up an appointment for the next day so we could see if he could still have his interview with the district leader on Wednesday. 

Well between Tuesday and Wednesday we scheduled 3 appointments and he didn´t show up to any of them. haha ooohhh man.  At one point we even sticky note attacked his door with scriptures and quotes and notes of encouragement... because we really didn´t know what else to do.  :) So Thursday we finally got to meet with him!:) We kind of just discussed his doubts and read scriptures and the conference talks of the prophet... and decided to move back his baptism until he has a testimony of the prophet! :) The Lord does answer prayers... we´ve seen that with him over and over again. As long as he is praying, God can give him his answers... we just have to put it back into the Lord´s timing. Even though I don´t think I will ever have perfect patience, I know that as I have faith more in the Lord, the Lord will help me have more faith in His timing because it truly is perfect.
We had an awesome lesson with "A" about prayer! He is kind of the person who likes to help others and doesn´t like asking for help, so he hasn´t been praying because he didn´t want to ask God for help... we just explained that God really does want to hear from us... we aren´t a nuisance or a bother for him because we are his children and we truly are special to him. It was a really spiritual lesson, and the next time we had met with him... HE HAD PRAYED!! :)  Wooohoo. The Lord is a Lord of miracles!

We met with "S" and were reading in the Book of Mormon... we asked her to read a few verses, and she really got into it, she read what we asked her to and then kept on reading- you could just tell that she was really taking in everything! At the end she looked at us and told us she was feeling something strong in her heart... ´Is this normal?!´ ´yes, yes it is :)´

So transfers. I was so nervous! In ward council a few weeks ago the Bishop mentioned that we were getting a new set of Elders... and losing two missionaries... turns out he was joking about the losing two missionary part, but I didn´t know that and I freaked out... haha and might have caused quite a scene in ward council (haha this is why they all love me ;)). . . but anyway everyone has been teasing me for the last two weeks that I´m out of here :) and the night of transfer calls I was shaking in my boots... I made my comp do a yoga session with me while we waited for the call! :) But I´m safe!!!! I LOVE IT HERE SO MUCH!!

One more really cool experience... so we met with an awesome family this week.  The mom is very Catholic, the daughter is a Jehovah Witness and is really really receptive.. but anyway we found them because we contacted the dad on the street... and turns out he wants nothing to do with the church and the only reason he gave us his number is because he thought- felt it would be a really good thing for his family! :) So that´s pretty cool!! :)
Well love  you lots!!  Have the best week ever!!

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