Monday, February 10, 2014

Gospel songs... sunshine... and bus accidents

Great week on the Canary Islands!!

So Tuesday we met with "F". What a great guy. So a few weeks ago he got his answer that the church was true… but he still didn't feel ready to get baptized… so we kept on setting baptism dates and they kept on falling through… he kept telling us that he would know when he felt prepared and he wanted to wait until he did. 
So we've been patient... So we start talking to him on Tuesday and he just quieted us down 'Sisters...I have a story to tell you' keep in mind he is from Africa… so any story he has to tell is quite legit!!
So Sunday after stake conference he was in his house just pondering… I think he used the word meditating! :) So he's sitting there meditating and he's just praying to the Lord if this is the path that He wants him to take. And something over came him and he felt like singing, so he begins to sing his good old gospel songs. (At this point of the conversation he decided to show us what these gospel songs sounded like… so he begins to sing :) and we're just soaking up every minute of this. Gotta love it… :)) Well… his gospel songs touched his heart so much and he started to cry… '  Sisters do you hear the story that I am telling you… God touched my heart and I started to cry'. And he just felt really moved and he knew that this is the path that God wants for him. This is the time for him to be baptized. 
Just you wait this isn't even the end). So then he's just sitting soaking in his answer, and at this exact time at a different part of Las Palmas we are having a meeting with our ward mission leader and talking about him and how he is ready to be baptized, he just doesn't feel prepared and we're not quite sure what to do… so the ward mission leader pulls out his phone and calls him right then and there. So "F" who is pondering his answer, picks up the phone and talks to him (who is really bold and basically just calls him to repentance and tells him he needs to be baptized… not going to lie I was cringing a little at his frankness with him.. but I got called to repentance because "F" took this as his second witness from God that right now really is the time that he needs to be baptized. :) Well God does work in mysterious ways. :) So he is prepared to be baptized and we moved up his fecha to this Sunday!! :) 
Then we celebrated by listening to him sing us more gospel songs while we basked in the Las Palmas sunshine. Man it was a great moment. Words can't describe how happy I was.  Also I definitely got this singing on video.
"Y" is so great! She is living with her boyfriend so it will be a while before she can get married and then baptized.. but she told us that she really can't get her grandpa out of her mind (her grandpa is basically like her dad)… So background story… there was one day she was really stressed and she found herself at the cemetery, so then later that day we stopped by and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. So she brought up her grandpa and a member mentioned about temple work and baptisms for the dead. This really impacted her, and she really feels like she needs to get the work for him done! So in the next few weeks our ward has their temple week where they all go to Madrid and do temple work…. so "Y" worked it out with a member for her to baptize and do the temple work for her grandpa!! :) This week we brought a different member than usual and it was perfect because she had basically the same experience with her grandparents, and she bore testimony about how the peace and comfort that came after she did the temple work was the best feeling she's ever experienced. The Spirit was super strong. there were definitely tears flowing. 
Well it was a great week!!! There were quite a few fun experiences…
-We met a Danish couple in the park this week… we talked to them for a while about snow and castles and queens… they told me that the king can marry anyone he wants and so they want me to be their next queen! Sweet. They did tell me I would have to learn Danish…
-On Friday we had a YSA spend the whole day with us because she wanted to see what the day of a missionary was like! :) Kind of fun to be in a trio and show her what it is like to be a missionary!
- President flew down to give us interview this week :) and we got the conference ensigns… we can start teaching the people about the most recent talks… but as we were walking into the church a recent convert was leaving and he called us over and whispered 'hey your boss is here'... haha... Yes, yes we know!! :)
-Hey we were in a bus accident this week!!  haha we luckily didn't hit anyone….and luckily we were sitting down… but so i was looking down writing something and I hear the bus honk…. so I look up to see a car literally one inch away from the bus. So in an attempt to avoid this car we slid from one side of the street to another, hitting the street barrier and almost hitting the car on the other side of the street... but we didn't hit anyone so it was all good!! It all happened before I realized what was happening... but then the bus was making really weird sounds… so the driver gets out a few stops later and checks the bus… haha and he pulls a huge street barrier out from under the bus…so that was funny… :)
Well I love you lots!!!
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!! :):):):) 
Have a great week!!!

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