Monday, July 14, 2014

I played the accordian :)

So the greatest thing happened yesterday!!! The Romanian family came to church!! Woohoo!  They are so awesome! When we teach them the lessons are incredible, the spirit is so strong, and they have so much desire to learn! We were waiting at the church for them and when they came through the doors I was the happiest girl! :) The little 5 year old boy went to primary and loved it and the parents loved it too!! The 5 year old cheered when he found out they were passing out bread during the sacrament.  It was awesome.

Well we had the cutest FHE this week... so we found this family whose parents have been less active for a while and the daughter isn´t baptized. The little girl, "E", is the cutest sweetest 9 year old you will ever meet... and I´ve always wanted to teach a child :) So we had the cutest FHE with them... we went and got a children picture Book of Mormon and the first story is about Joseph Smith. So we read from the picture book about Joseph Smith and then talked about the Restoration and the importance of the Book of Mormon. At the end we gave her the picture book so she can read the Book of Mormon and she got soooo excited!! It was sooo cute!  Then we played a game and I lost and as a punishment they found all the miscelleanoeus things in the house and dressed me in them.. .haha  I secretly loved it, but didn´t tell them that because it was supposed to be a punishment... :)

We met with "B" for the first time this week and she was really touched by the story of Joseph Smith and the First Vision. When we explained what happened she was quiet for a minute, and then said ´yeah, that´s is right God always answers our faithful prayers´. She then told us all about an experience she had with prayer. So talking about the first vision really allowed her to open up and take our message to heart! :)

Now I just have some random moments from the week...
-We were sharing a scripture with a mom who was holding a baby on her lap. The baby reaches down grabs a bunch of pages of my Book of Mormon and starts playing with them. haha so I get the Book of Mormon away from her and the mom says...´wow that must be a pretty amazing book...¨ we were about to say ´why yes, yes it is...´ and she continues ´because any other book those pages would have ripped..´ haha  Just a good book all around!

-During the ward FHE a member showed a clip of Lion King as part of his talk. I walked in the room, saw a tree on the tv, knew it was a Disney tree, and my heart exploded with happiness... let me tell you 5 minutes of Lion King was not enough.. sooo good!!

-We stopped by a member´s house this week and she had forgotten to put her teeth in... let me tell you, it is 5 times harder to understand Spanish when there are no teeth involved... :)
-My companion keeps telling me I have blonde hair. haha  I keep telling her she is crazy.

-And a quote of the week ¨To feel the joy the Lord feels, we need to be doing His work¨
So have a great week!! :) Love you lots!
Hermana Fowers!

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