Monday, July 21, 2014

Pass along craft

This week we got a reference from some other missionaries.. for some old investigators that had moved to our area, but were willing to meet with us. Sweet. So we give them a call and they could see us that afternoon. Awesome! So we go... and "V" answers the door- she is super sweet and welcomes us into their house.  As we are talking we discover that not only are they not investigators but are recent converts that had just recently been sealed in the temple! Gotta love miscommunication :)  We had a great lesson and we got some chocolate from Bulgaria... not complaining at all! :)
I am pleased to announce that I had a fun craft project this week... it started out as we were doing 12 weeks and watching a video about working with members... well Spain is a little different than the United States... and I didn´t want to tell my cute little new companion that it was unreasonable expectations... so instead we made plans to do a cute little missionary object lesson in Relief Society! So it was themed around ´gifts´ and we made a gift and filled it with ´gifts´ the members could give out to their friends (aka we took the missionary pamphlets and pass along cards and wrapped them up in cute ribbons)... and it turned out really well!!  We wrapped like 90 folletos and the members took every single one!! :)

We had some really good lessons with our Romanian family this week! Times when the spirit was so strong! :) That is one of the greatest feelings in the world, leaving a lesson feeling uplifted knowing that we felt the spirit and they did to. Plus then the people on the streets can feel that spirit too as we contact them and continue to testify with that same strong spirit. Great feelings.

We met with a member ... she is less active and has been a little down the last few weeks, but this week we went and the difference was incredible! She was happy and she was sharing her testimony... we asked her was the difference was- she told us that she took our advice and started reading the Book of Mormon daily. I´m telling you the difference was incredible!! That book has some major power!!!! :)

Well love you lots!

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