Monday, July 28, 2014

Book of Mormon Stories... :)

Alrighty... it is hot. 
Let me try to explain to you how hot it is... this week we were walking down the street and a member runs up to us, starts scolding us for being out in the heat, pulls out her water bottle and dumps it on our heads to cool us down. haha and I wish I could tell you she did it as a joke... but she didn´t. :) ...but the Lord is blessing us so it´s all good.... we had an awesome week! 

-"M"  - So she doesn´t read really well and reading the Book of Mormon is hard for her. Last week she told us that she feels something special when we are with her and she understands while we´re there... but when we´re gone she doesn´t feel-understand anything. Well shoot... the Book of Mormon is kind of crucial. So we bought one of those children Book of Mormon stories books... (you know the ones that have the pictures and it is kind of like a comic) and gave it to her. She absolutely loved it... we left her with one story to read. The next time we visited we asked her if she read, she got all excited and explained that she read and understood everything! She explained to us the story we left her, and then turned the page and started explaining the next story, and the next story. well turns out she had read like 10 stories and loved every second of it! The difference in her demeanor was incredible and her perspective and attitude was completely changed! Oh man I´m telling you that it was incredible. I just sat there and smiled as I literally saw how the Lord had touched her heart. She is starting to love the Book of Mormon and oh man I just love her so much!

-We found this family recently.. the parents are menos activos and their young daughter isn´t baptized yet. (we had an fhe with them like 2 weeks ago)... so they are moving into our ward.  I called them yesterday to see if we could help them move or anything... the little girl answered ´´who is it´ ´the missionaries´ ´OOHH!! HERMANA FOWERS. guess what guess what guess what!? We´re moving into the ward this week and then you can come over and teach me the lessons!!!!!!!´  It was absolutely the cutest thing I´ve ever heard! She is a sweetheart! I love kids!!!! :)

- We talked to "M" about Family History work and so this week we brought her to the family history center and helped her get started on her family tree and finding her ancestors.  Man, I´ve never had that much interest in family history. but it was incredible.  There was such a strong spirit... She was so excited about it, and I wanted to get on the computer too and do mine. haha  Good week, good week.

So a member asked us to decorate for the surprise birthday party of her daughter. hahaha.  Service. decorating. birthday... hmmmmm   Yes, yes we can do that. :) It was super fun. I got to stand on a table and tape things to the ceiling. haha  I think that was the highlight of my day that day and the daughter was so cute when she walked into the room with all the yw-ym and a wonderfully decorated room! :)

Well that basically sums it up.  We saw lots of miracles! and I hope you do too this week! :)
Lots of love,
Hermana Fowers

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