Monday, August 11, 2014

Kids are so smart :)

-Well I definitely taught the Hoki Poki to my English class this week . . haha I got some serious teasing from the missionaries.. but my class loved it. .  so whatever :)

- Let me tell you about "E"! Her parents have been inactive for a while and have recently started coming back to church. So we are working with the parents and getting "E" ready for baptism! :) She is the cutest little girl and I absolutely love working with kids!! :) We had given her the children's Book of Mormon picture book and asked her if she read it... she then proceeded to explain to us (in great detail) the story of the Book of Mormon. She´s adorable.  Loved it! :)  We asked her what she knew about the Restoration or about Joseph Smith. ´well basically Joseph wanted to know which church was true.. so he prayed to God, and God came to him and told him to go to the Mormon church´ hahaha  I love kids so much!

-"B" is incredible! :)  We went there one day when she was a little sick and not really herself... we had planned to watch the Restoration movie and I was hoping she would be able to pay attention to it... so at the end of the movie she told us that it really impacted her.. she thanked us for giving her the opportunity to forget about herself and her problems for a while and just be able to focus on God and feel His spirit... and she came to church!!  She also brought her son... let me tell you what that means for her- so her son is in a wheelchair.. and she has to carry him and the wheelchair down 4 flights of stairs. That is dedication!  I love her lots!

- We were teaching "M" and "S"... we teach them about the life of Christ and watch a short clip about some of his miracles and teachings... at the end of the clip we asked the 6 year old "S" what was her favorite miracle that she saw.... ´well when Jesus paid for all our sins so we can return back to God´  Children are so smart. :)

-We got locked out of our piso again... haha but this time we had a better ending to our story. I was on intercambios and the key that we had wasn´t working to her piso... we literally tried for 20 minutes to open this stinking door... I was really determined because I know what it is like to be locked out for the night...haha but we called over some elders and they tried to open it... first try and it opened right up. Really embarrassing! :)

- Today we went to the coolest park... Parque Europa!  It had little monuments from lots of different countries all over Europe! :)  Super fun! Loved it so much!

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