Monday, August 4, 2014

"The Light"

So this week we found some awesome new investigators! :) I´m super excited for them because I can see so much potential in both of them! :) The way found them, and our first lessons were miracles:

-"B"- So it was like Wednesday of last week and we got a reference from the mission office. Sweet! So we go about our day, and we talk to some people on the streets and get some numbers. So the next day we start calling our references and we put it together that we have two "B"s with the same number in our planners. God had literally put her in our pathway twice in one day. So we call her up and set something up that same day. Dang, she is so prepared. She has a son who was in a pretty bad car crash in May and she wants to set an example of faith for him. So we had an awesome lesson about Jesus and how he can heal us... and then we taught the Restoration and how through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ we can find peace in this life. The spirit was so strong. we asked her if she believed this, if the truth has been restored, she was quiet and then nodded and said ´Yes, yes I believe.´ and then looked at her son and basically testified that this was the truth, the faith they needed in their lives to be happy. It was incredible.

- "J"- So we got her number like 2 weeks ago and finally got in contact with her this week. So like 2 weeks ago we were giving a mutual lesson in the church.. and it ended and we had a little bit of time before our next lesson, but we both felt really strongly like we needed to leave the church. Very few times have I felt literally, physically guided... but this was one of those times I felt like God just picked us up and tossed us out on the street and into her path. She is also super prepared. Her sister is sick with cancer and she promised the Lord that she would start going to church if she found the right path to follow. Super awesome!!!

Okey dokey well we also had a cool experience with "M"... :)  We really just had an all around good week! :)
So we were talking about how we get our answers... the different ways the Spirit can talk to us... and she was like ´you know I had a weird experience the other day...´  So then she proceeds to explain that she was praying and as she opened her eyes it was as if she saw a light that was trying to reach her but couldn´t... and then she turned to us and asked us what that meant.  Uhhhhh... I don´t know. So we start to ask her some more question. ´What were you doing right before´ ´Well I was reading from the Book of Mormon´ :) ´and how did you feel while you saw this light´ ´ I felt really good... and I felt like I wanted to see more light, like with this light I could see everything more clearly´... Then she wanted to show us what she was reading right before this experience... she opened to the page with the picture of Jesus Christ descending to visit the people in the Americas. Oh man that moment was incredible, just a calm silence as we realized God is answering our prayers. "M" do you believe this is true´ ´Yes´.  I testify that the Book of Mormon is true... that Jesus is our Savior and God wants to answer our prayers. He knows each and every one of us and hears the humble, faithful prayers of our hearts. I know that this Gospel is the ´light´ that each of us are searching for in this life. That just as "M" is discovering... with this light and knowledge of the gospel we can see everything else more clearly in our lives.

-Well I taught the Relief Society how to make banana bread this week...they thought it was this complex exquisite dessert. Fooled them :) and definitely applied the ´I am the bread of Life´ scripture.. haha :)

-And at the end of English class this week I was wiping off the chalk from my hands... and my class thought I was clapping my hands (like as if I was asking for applause) haha so they all started applauding at the end of the class... It was super awkward.

Well I hope your week is full of awkward, spiritual, uplifting experiences too! :)
Much love,
Hna Fowers

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