Monday, August 25, 2014

...and then there were three

Alrighty... well people know how to party in Spain. 
There was a going away party for a family in our ward... we walked in to see the entire church gym full of tables... haha then the Relief Society quickly put us to work and we carried out platters and platters full of food... Woohooo party!! :)

Well here is the news of the week: we got a new companion, we are now a trio- Hermanas Fowers, Galvez, y Rojas. Now I am outnumbered and we do everything the Latin way and in Spanish. haha  Which also means that I am officially now a blonde... because my hair definitely is not brown?!? haha I´ve given up trying to argue that one :)

So this week:
-"M"!!! She is the one we met last week on Sunday and thought the Book of Mormon was a treasure (because it is) and that we are angels (because we are ;). Anyway we met with her this week and had an incredible lesson!!! She´s already read up until Alma, we taught her the Restoration and she loved everything and accepted to be baptized! :) Woohoo..  So we met with her on Saturday and invited her to church on Sunday. So Sunday rolls around, she doesn´t show up at ten, so we call her after the first hour, she said her and her husband were on the way. (We have Sacrament Meeting last) so Sacrament Meeting starts and we just assume they aren´t going to come.. then they walk in- but as we are singing the closing song. haha  (So close and yet so far) .. but have no fear- we grabbed a member and gave them a temple tour. They loved it, she had told her husband all about lesson 1 and about her baptism date... so we asked him if he wanted to be baptized on that day too.. and the answer was yes! :) Meanwhile we are giving this tour - -  we arrange for all of us to eat with some members, so while we are waiting for the food to get ready we quickly watch the short Joseph Smith Restoration film :) and then had a very enjoyable meal with a bunch of members. So ideal... I´m so excited for them!

-"M"! So over the last few weeks she has sort of lost interest a little bit, stopped coming to church and reading, so we were a bit sad about that but this week everything turned around. We went over there and had a super powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon. She was explaining the Book of Mormon to her brother-in-law. ´It´s like the Hermanas always tell me, you have to read and then pray about if it is true. Then God will send an answer that it is true´. Oh man that was like music to my ears.  So we continue with that.

-"I" is such a sweet little girl :) We had a super cute lesson with her this week and as we were leaving her piso she was blowing bubbles out the window to bid us farewell! haha  Love her!
-So we had a miracle lesson with "R"... our second miracle with him! So we were walking down the street talking to some people, and we run into him (a recent convert who is preparing to go through the temple). He seemed a little down so we sat down and started talking to him, well one thing led to another and we shared some scriptures, gave some encouragement. We literally watched his countenance change throughout the course of the lesson. At the end he told us that he had been a little offended and started to wonder if what he was doing was the right thing (going through the temple and all)... well it was a miracle that we ran into him- for him and for us... 
Okey dokey... all in a weeks work!

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