Monday, August 18, 2014

Popsicle bookmarks

-We´re just walking down the street one morning talking to the people of Spain. We stop this young man and start to talk to him about the gospel, something amazing happened...he actually was excited about talking to us. :) Woohoo!!!! We taught him about the Restoration right then and there in the street and gave him a Book of Mormon. It was an incredible lesson, one of the best I´ve experienced on my mission- He has so much knowledge and so much desire to know, which makes it sooo fun to teach! :) He mentioned that his family are Jehovah´s witnesses... we asked him if he was also... He told us that he never really felt filled by any of the religions and was looking for something that ´´fills´´ him. That is when we gave him the Book of Mormon... anyone wanting to be filled just needs to read and pray... the Spirit with do the rest! :)

-So I love "B" so much! We met with her last Monday... She loved church! She really has so much faith and it is incredible to be in lessons with her and have her add her testimony onto ours. :) So we brought up baptism last week and she told us she wanted to be 100 percent sure she wanted to get baptized before she would commit to anything. So then on Monday she was bearing her testimony about prayer and how she knows that if she asks with faith she will get the answers she needs and when she receives those answers she needs to act on them. So we just tied that right back into baptism.:) We told her that if she prayed with that same faith about if she needed to get baptized, God would give her the answers she needs, the reassurance she needs. Then she would have the strength to follow through with that commitment. The Spirit was incredible. It really clicked with her, because we were able to tie it back to something she already had a testimony on. :) We also taught her the Plan of Salvation.. which she loved! Man I love her, she´s so ready. 

-"E"... :) that is one of my favorite lessons of the whole entire week! :) Oh man she is adorable, I love her so much and the best part is that she loves me too! :) She made me promise this week that we would be best friends forever. She has the cutest popsicle stick bookmark in her Book of Mormon, she´s making me one too! :) Score!

-We talked to this woman named "M" on the street yesterday... she was kind of in bad shape when we started talking to her and kept telling us ´I just want peace , I just want peace´... so we sat down and shared some scriptures and talked about how the gospel and how the Book of Mormon can bring this peace. She just listened and said ´but I don´t have this book´... we then handed over a copy. and she looked at it, hugged it to her chest, started crying and thanked us for being her angels. Super cute. 

Well life is great here!
Shout out to my brother who is getting married on Saturday... Sorry bro but I just don´t think I´ll be able to fit it in my schedule ;) haha 

Lots of love coming your way- 
Hermana Fowers

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