Monday, October 13, 2014

I live in a Medieval world

Fun fact: The largest Medieval festival in Europe happens in Alcalá... this last week. :) AND IT WAS SOOO LEGIT!!!!  So just imagine this... you are walking down the already very European streets and plazas... and then you add little stores lining the streets selling all sorts of Medieval-Spanish trinkets and (most importantly) lots of really yummy food!!! :) and to add on to that- all the shopkeepers are dressed in medieval clothing talking like they would in the medieval days. I was loving every second of it!  So the festival was only going from Tuesday to Sunday.... meaning we couldn´t go for p-day... but we conveniently have a 2 hour medio dia from 2-4 that we have to eat-when we aren´t eating with members. haha  It just so happens that this week we were eating with members every day. I went through withdrawals about not being able to go to this festival... but luckily our appointment on Thursday fell through and we were able to go!!! YAY!!! 

Haha there was a thunderstorm on Thursday...we decided that we just didn´t care and we wanted to see the festival. So we make our way down to Plaza Cervantes in the pouring rain. All the little craft and trinket shops are all tarped closed... but the food shops were open! :)  We ate ´the original´ kebabs under a tarp on miniature tables and chairs and watched as the rain poured down around us. :) Super cute, right?  Happy ending- the rain cleared up a bit and we were able to walk around, get some yummy desserts and see some of the cool stores. I was very content! :)

Well turns out having a famous Medieval festival in the middle of your area kind of puts a damper on the missionary work... but we still had a good week!:)
We were contacting in a park and started talking to this lady... we introduce ourselves and share a little bit about our message and she tells us that she has some friends that are Mormon... and her son has gone to the church a few times. We ask a few questions and come to find out her son is our investigator that we have been trying to get a hold of for some time!! Woohoo.. so we set up a time to go see them. It was a really good lesson, they have a lot of faith and a lot of really good questions. 

We were teaching a recent convert about tithing again and we watched a talk by Elder Bednar. The whole talk she was nodding her head and agreeing with everything he said... at the end of the talk she just goes off on how she has a testimony of tithing and how everything Elder Bednar said was so true.  That made the lesson really easy. I really like it when people have testimonies.
Last week we met with "J" on the streets... he told us that he had met with missionaries before and it was all the same as the other churches... we taught him a little bit of the Restoration on the streets and talked about the Book of Mormon- and he agreed to meet with us and learn more. So we went and taught him lesson one and how through reading the Book of Mormon he can know that we have the truth... that there is only one church that has all the truth. He really liked that... and now is reading the Book of Mormon! :)
Yeah well that is basically my life now!  I loved the festival... haha but I´m glad it is done :) I bought one thing. a Harry Potter time turner :) haha so I guess if I really wanted I could turn back time and visit it again... I´ll let you know how that goes for me :)  Peace out!

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