Monday, October 20, 2014

Well we're going to walk to church now...

Ok want to hear a crazy, cool story. Ok dokey then...
So yesterday there was a baptism at 7... and our lesson failed right before so we were doing a little bit of contacting and ran into an old investigator, "D" (another "D" :).  We were talking to him for a while and invited him to come to the baptism. To which he told us he wasn´t really interested in learning anymore so he didn´t really want to come. So it got to be time for us to start walking to the chapel and we asked him if he wanted to walk and talk with us. To which he agreed. :)  We are sneaky.  So by the time we were close to the church I asked him again if he was sure he didn´t want to go to the baptism... ´well I´m already basically here´ :) Turns out he´s always passed by the church and always wondered what it was like inside... so we gave him a tour of the church.  He loved all the paintings and was specifically interested in the paintings of Joseph Smith- like the first vision and when he got the priesthood... and as it turns out, all the paintings in a chapel make it really easy to teach and testify of the Restoration of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. :) So he was loving it, ended up staying for the baptism- and loved that too! At the end he told us that he felt really good- that whenever he would pass by the church he would always feel something special and he felt that feeling again as he watched the baptism. He´s done quite a bit of research on the church and was convinced that it wasn´t for him, but just being in the church and feeling the spirit of the baptism opened his heart and now we have a lesson set up on Tuesday! :) Woohoo gotta love it!

Last Monday we were on a baking kick and made a very delicious fall cake. In fact it was so delicious that we ate a little too much and decided we should probably give it away before we ate anymore. So we packaged it all up and on Tuesday we stopped by the houses of investigators, menos activos, members- anyone that normally wouldn´t ´have time´ to see us... but funny how time becomes irrelevant when you come bringing cake! :)  It was such a productive day and we were able to teach some awesome lessons! :)

We also met with some really cool new people this week!! :) We were contacting one day and stopped this man with his daughter. Come to find out this man is a member- got baptized when he was 10 in Columbia and then when he moved to Spain his family just never found the church and he really doesn´t remember anything- so he had a ton of questions... the one thing he remembers is that there are these awesome parties called Noche do Hogares (FHE).. where there is really yummy food. haha.  So we set up an fhe and we´re going to meet his wife.  This is going to be an incredible family... his 10 year old daughter is hilarious and super spunky and sassy... love it!

We had an incredible district meeting this week... we focused on Elder Anderson´s talk about Joseph Smith... and how to strengthen your own testimony of Joseph Smith you can 1. share your favorite scriptures from the Book of Mormon 2. Bear testimony of the Restoration 3. Record yourself telling the story of Joseph Smith and bearing testimony. So we did all of that as a district- including recording each of us bear testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. It was really cool... it is something that we do everyday, but the spirit was so strong and just put more emphasis on bearing testimony and bringing the spirit of the Restoration of the gospel every time we share this message!! :)

Random story. so there is this man that sells corn, as we were passing he flagged us down and asked for a pass a long card of Jesus... so we give him a card.  He didn´t want to listen to us... just to get the card.  We walked by later that night, the card was hanging up in his little stand for all the world to see!! haha
Well have a great week!! :)
Hna Fowers

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