Monday, October 27, 2014

To be clean...

Good week good week.
"M"... she is super prepared... we share the gospel with a lot of people, and there are some that are just so prepared to hear it it is ridiculous. You can really feel their desire to learn in the lesson and that ´real intent´ brings the spirit so much. Well "M" is one of those chosen few. We go to teach her and we could just sense that there is something different about her. She loves to hear the word of God and recognizes that there is something currently missing in her life. So we teach her about the Restoration of the Gospel... how through Joseph Smith the priesthood authority was restored to the earth. Very few people realize the importance of this concept- but she did. I could see it in her eyes- that she truly understood and had even more interest to learn more. As we were explaining the Book of Mormon and how we can receive an answer through prayer she made such a profound comment: "I think the answer we receive depends on our faith too, if we have real desire to receive an answer then God will give us that answer more readily"... haha I couldn´t believe that came from an investigator's mouth and not from the mouth of a missionary.   ´Exactly... actually there is a scripture just about that... Moroni 10:3-5´. She is incredible and I´m sooo excited for her! We set a baptismal date and I truly believe that it will go through... she is just that awesome!!!! :) Woohoo!!!

We also have this awesome investigator named "A"!! We met him on the streets a few weeks ago and haven´t been able to teach him again for a while.. but this week we taught him and had an awesome lesson! :) He kind of came into the lesson with his mind set that he wasn´t really a church-going type of guy. So we started to read with him from the Book of Mormon and he had kind of surface level questions-like he just really wanted to learn but not really apply anything. So then we had a detour in the lesson and we both bore really powerful testimonies about why we know the church is true and what the church has done for us in our lives. After that he was like a completely different person- he was more open not only to learn, but to apply as well. and something stuck with him because he came to church yesterday and loved it! :) The members were so awesome with him and he made some pretty great friends. I´m excited for him too! 

"D"... so this is investigator "D" number 3.... I´m fairly positive the Lord wants us to baptize a "D"... because "Ds" just keep popping up. :) So this "D" has had a hard life... and it shows... but the gospel is for everyone and so we were sharing... actually we started with the Word of Wisdom... it just seemed right in the moment.  Well the next lesson we taught him he looked like he had shaped up at least a little.... we taught about the Restoration and were very specific about what the requirements are for baptism... haha I started out by telling him that he had to be completely clean and that required him to give up some of the things he is doing at the moment. .. haha and my companion is hilarious, she took the clean comment to the next level and told him he had to be clean physically too and shower everyday. hahaahahahahah  I guess that´s what happens when you are sitting closer to a smelly man.:)  I was trying so hard not to laugh :)
We carved pumpkins last Monday!! in honor of Halloween!!! (which they totally celebrate here in Madrid... I guess it was just an island thing that they didn´t celebrate it). but haha it is super humid here I guess because within 4 days the pumpkins were all molded over... very Halloweeny :)

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