Monday, October 6, 2014

The dungeons

We started out this week by cleaning the dungeons... and that is not a far fetched explanation... haha
A recent convert asks for our help cleaning.  Sweet!   So I put on jeans and a t-shirt (which is the first time in over a year, and I think I might be crazy but I like skirts better haha) and head over to her house. So she leads us to the very basement of the building... like the very basement where there are no lights and dirt floors. Sketchy.  Well then she leads us to her storage room which literally looks like either a tomb or a dungeon... (and definitely the mixture of the two)  She creaks open the big metal door and we go to work- first moving everything out, then scraping the first layer of dirt off the floor, then sweeping, then scraping the second layer of dirt, then sweeping (repeated about 10 times:)  Grand old fun! :)  but the best part was when we started taking all the junk out to the garbage cans... so here is some background about Spain-everyone dumpster dives, like it is a normal thing here... so as we are making our way to the dumpsters we had people stop us and ask if they could have some things- my favorite was probably a 7 year old boy who asked for the bird cage.   haha   Totally made his day :)

Ok we met with "D" for the first time and he is absolutely incredible!!! So he is the friend of a member and we met with him at his friend's house and it was an absolutely fabulous lesson- some people are just ready and he is one of those people. So we had just finished explaining the Restoration and the First Vision - ´Do you believe that this is possible, that God restored His church to the earth again?´... ´I don´t know... but I truly hope that this is true´... dang the spirit was so strong! :)  He is great, and to add on to it... he cooked lamb for us and it was SOOOO GOOD!!!! I have such high hopes for him!

"L" came to conference with us and it was awesome!  She brought her little boy and everything! I just love conference so much!!!!!!
Also one more thing- we go to eat at a members house and they have Harry Potter wands. I think I freaked out a little... but I loved it so much... don´t worry pictures will be included :)

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