Monday, June 2, 2014

Segovia!!! :)

I´m in Segovia right now!!!! woohooo. Land of the palaces and cathedrals! Super pretty... but this is going to be quick! :)

I got saran wrapped for FHE.... all for the sake of an object lesson. haha  It was pretty great though... so I had to jump and try to get the chocolate that was hanging above my head... well i´m not coordinated anyway-and when you take into account the fact that I was all wrapped up. haha  Well it didn´t end very well.. ha

We started teaching "S"... he is the one we met last week on the street that didn´t want to take the Book of Mormon. I have firmly decided that Lesson 1 is my favorite lesson. There is just so much hope leaving a lesson knowing that someone now knows that the church has been restored! :) He told us that when we saw him on the street he didn´t really want to listen to us.. but the ´light in us´ made him stop and listen and that is what brought him to the church to hear more. He really liked the lesson and really has a desire to learn more. It is incredible bringing this message to those who don't have it.

Well this week we had zone conference and we watched a Mormon message that was incredible!  Gracias a él... in English I think it is "Because of him."  If you haven´t seen it go watch it now.  It will change your life.

Well that´s about it. Love you lots. 

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