Monday, June 16, 2014

Sweet 16!....I mean 15?

Okey dokey.. well to start off I have news from Las Palmas!! :):):)
-So "Y" got engaged!!! and when she is married she can get baptized!! :) Wooohooo.  Also her daughter got baptized last weekend!! :) Woohoo...the work is progressing there!! I´m so happy for them, they were a family ready to hear the truth.

So we went to a quincallera (no idea how to spell that... the big party they throw for 15 year olds). So basically this was like a wedding reception for a 15 year old. There was good food and a huge cake too!  As part of the ceremony they ´change´ her shoes from flats to high heels to represent her change from childhood to womanhood. 
This Friday was Friday the 13th... hope you all realized that, haha because we sure did- there was something in the air or something because NO ONE wanted to listen to us. So it was a pretty hot day but there was like a 5 minute downpour of rain.  It was so hot that right after it stopped raining it started evaporating off the hot ground. So we were walking around in mist for a while. Very spooky.. very Friday the 13th-ish... :)

My comp played piano for the primary yesterday, so we got to be in Primary!! Man I´ve forgotten how much I miss that!! Kids are sooooo cute!! Also,,, head, shoulders, knees and toes is completely different! ´Head, face, shoulders, toes... and then instead of the eyes ears mouth and noes they just turn around... I was so confused the first time we sung it!! haha

We ran into a lot of tourists trying to find their way to the temple this week! We were able to show them the temple and then give them a little tour! We were in the right place at the right time! :)

We got to go to the mission home for a meeting this week.  The meeting was really good!  We definitely left spiritually uplifted!! :)

Ok well that´s all folks.
Love you lots,
Hna Fowers

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