Monday, June 9, 2014

Oh the people we meet...

Good week. good week!

-We met this awesome new family.  They are from Peru and have met with missionaries over there, but never really went to church or got baptized but they are really interested!! We talked about how the gospel is a huge blessing for the family and how we receive additional guidance from the Book of Mormon and the prophet! They loved it! The little girl was the first one to ask when we could meet again. Precious!

-“E” got work off on Sundays! So we go over there and the first thing she says is ´you´ll never guess what´... sometimes I don´t know if that is a good starting sentence or a bad one.. .but in this case it was good!! She said that her prayers have been answered and she can come to church! Super cute.

-“D” - She is new and she understands the gospel sooo well. They met with her the first time while we were on intercambios last week, and Hna Manner said that it was incredible how well she understood the Restoration and her part in her conversion. So I was so excited to meet her. We taught the Plan of Salvation... and she understood it perfectly. Some people don´t really understand but they can feel that it is true and that is awesome, but she knows it is true and understands all the implications. ´So if you have to be completely clean to live in the Celestial Kingdom, that means I have to be baptized and baptized in your church.´ I don´t think we responded for a few seconds because we were just so surprised that she understood that with out us telling her. ´Yes... yes that is what that means´  We then proceeded to confirm her fecha!  (baptismal date)

-“J”... she is menos activa and we found her this week. Her story is cool. So she was baptized about 15 years ago in Peru, but was less active when she moved here 9 years ago.  Just this last Wednesday she was invited to go to a different church. So she went and the closing hymn was the hymn that they played at her baptism... all the memories of her conversion and baptism came flooding to her mind. Then her friend... who is a member called and invited her to a ward activity on Saturday. She came, we met her there, got her information, she came to church on Sunday and we went over and visited her last night! The Lord was really preparing her to return, and she needs it a lot right now in her life. It really is humbling to see the hand of the Lord in the lives of so many people here. 

During medio dia I usually practice cooking Spanish-Latin American food so I´m a pro by the end of my mission... I tried making Spanish tortilla this week. haha which includes a pretty intense flip. Well it failed miserably and I ended up cleaning it up more than I ate... but have no fear... I´ll get it down!  One of the best friendships we´ve made was with the recent convert from Mexico... :) We´ve gotten quite a bit of delicious Mexican food! :)  Loving life

I had intercambios with Hna Smith this week.. so that was fun to be with her again!!

We have a big meeting in the mission home tomorrow...!! :)  We get to go and learn and eat yummy food... and then we teach zone meeting on Wednesday.. which I´m freaking out about. haha   Public speaking in front of a whole zone, and in Spanish.  I´m wondering why anything was hard at home... it was all in English. haha

Well I´m just loving life!! :) Hope you all are as well!! :)  

Sending my love from Spain...

Hna Fowers!

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