Monday, June 23, 2014

Dancing in the rain :)

So the week of transfer calls is always a little bit of a guessing game. You never really know what is going to happen, but anyone and everyone´s opinion is expressed. Our guesses were a little bit skewed by what happened on Tuesday. (sidenote Hna Manner only has a transfer and a half left and we were convinced either that we were staying together or I was leaving). So Tuesday we get a call from the senior couple in charge of the apartments of the mission. They said that they were renewing the piso contract and they needed me to sign it. I was going on intercambios so I asked if Hna Manner could sign it.. They told me it had to be me. And because we are missionaries and have no other form of entertainment- we analyze... and as I signed the 50 pages of the piso´s new contract I was fairly sure I was staying in B6. And sure enough, here I am still here. Training. say what?!! I´m so excited, super nervous, but super excited!! I get my new companion tomorrow and well i´ll just be hanging with the other hermanas until then!
We got caught in a rain storm this week!! :) it was super cool, we had fhe at the church and as we left we saw the super white temple in contrast to the dark rainclouds that covered the whole sky. It looked so legit!! and to add on to that there was lightning that surrounded the temple. Ohh it was so cool and I tried so hard to get a picture of it, but I couldn´t get it. so just imagine lightning in these pictures! So anyway we were walking home to our piso for the night and it just starts downpouring. Because we were just heading to our piso and it didn´t matter if we were wet, we definitely took advantage of the situation and danced in the rain! Sooo fun!! loved it.. and got back to the piso soaked. :)

Well even though not much happened, we saw the hand of the Lord a lot in our lives. A lot of my prayers were answered this week and it is amazing to see the way the Lord answers our prayers. It never is the way I expect it to be... but that makes it all the more beautiful. I love being a missionary and to have the opportunity to rely on the Lord in a way I never have had to before in my life. I truly have come to realize how much we need to rely on Him, to accept his answers how and when they come, and to keep on going with a smile knowing that everything will work out when we trust in our Heavenly Father. 

Well wish me luck this week. I have a feeling I´m going to need it! :)
Hna Fowers

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