Monday, June 30, 2014

Birthday celebrations!!

Well well well what a week...
So my new companion is Hermana Galvez! She is from Canada and speaks both English and Spanish... haha... so that is just perfect!Her birthday actually turned out to be the day she entered the field... so this is how new missionaries enter the field: they spend the day in the mission home and then in the afternoon all the missionaries meet in the chapel to be put with their companions.. Hna Jackson makes this cool slideshow and President individually matches us with our new comps. Well I was matched with Hna Galvez and found out it was her birthday and we definitely all broke into a resounding round of CumpleaƱos Feliz!!  Talk about starting out a mission with a bang... we definitely ate cake, I definitely sang to her about 50 times and the next day we definitely had a party with the other hermanas... we will take any excuse to celebrate! :)

We were able to meet with "M" for the first time in a long time and she has made a complete 180 turn in her life. She always struggled with reading the Book of Mormon, and we would always encourage her to read. So for like the past month she has been working nonstop... but we´ve kept texting her encouragement to read. So we met with her this week and she basically bore her testimony about the power of the Book of Mormon! She is now in Mosiah, and she told us that when she started having a desire to read the Book of Mormon she can literally see the hand of the Lord in her life. She is happier and relies on the Lord more, all because she has found joy in reading the Book of Mormon!!!  Oh it was sooo incredible!!!! I absolutely loved it so much!!! I firmly believe that is the best feeling in the world... see that someone has found happiness in their lives through Jesus Christ!! :)

We were contacting and there was a man who told us that he wanted to convert us to his religion so he could marry us both... haha.. and my cute companion went along with it for a while in the attempt to convert live and you learn.

Well we´re all well and happy!! Keep on keeping on!!
Oh also we went to El Escorial today and it was like a pride and prejudice castle!! SOOO PRETTY!!!
Well until next week
Hna Fowers!

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